Saint Lounge

Saint Lounge offers patrons a R1 million table booking.
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Too rich to snitch? Here’s who sat at Saint Lounge’s R1m tables

What does a R1 million table at Saint Lounge get you? And more importantly, who has sat there? We spill the tea…

Saint Lounge

Saint Lounge offers patrons a R1 million table booking.
Image via Facebook

Celebrity hotspot Saint Lounge has had tongues wagging over their astronomical table booking fees – R1 million, to be exact! 

Last week, the Cape Town club hosted an extravagant New Year’s Eve party featuring the unbelievable prices.  This week, the Harrington Street established rolled out their VIP tables again to welcome US singer Akon, who sadly was a no-show.

But what does R1 million get you at the club, and more importantly who splashed their cash there?

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According to Saint Lounge, there are various table booking packages on offer. Table 11 is priced at R5000, and table 1 is valued at R1 million! 

The club claims that the prices attached to the table indicate the “minimum spend” patrons need to spend at the bar. And with their pricey beverages list – featuring premium champagne and spirits – it’s not that difficult to spend a large sum of money!

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Saint revealed that the VVIP table – number 1 – also comes with a pretty package that includes:

  • A private area that seats 50 people
  • Six security guards
  • Four waitresses
  • Two photographers
  • Two videographers
  • Complimentary platters and champagne


According to Newzroom Afrika reporter Erin Bates, nine tables were booked on New Year’s Eve. 

Although Saint preferred to be discreet about their identities, they did reveal that the patrons included business people and even cabinet ministers.

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Bates claimed that one patron booked the table as an opportunity to “network” amongst other wealthy people.

She said: “According to director Toussaint Bashala, there are patrons who, throughout the year come here and spend at least a million in a night.”

This week, patrons were also given an opportunity to book the R1 million table.

Likely shying away from social media spectators and no-doubt SARS, the only person bold enough to reveal their seat at the table was influencer and beauty blogger Sarah Langa.