royal, Harry, prince, Spare, book, event

Have any questions about his book? Now’s the time to ask Prince Harry. Image: AFP/Isabel Infantes.

Royal chat: Harry to answer ‘Spare’ questions in virtual book event

Have royal questions? Get tickets for Harry’s virtual book event and hear him answer questions from his book and talk about living with loss.

royal, Harry, prince, Spare, book, event

Have any questions about his book? Now’s the time to ask Prince Harry. Image: AFP/Isabel Infantes.

During a special virtual, international book event on Saturday, 4 March, Prince Harry, joined by Dr. Gabor Maté, will share some royal thoughts and talk about “living with loss and the importance of personal healing.”

The Duke, who speaks about dealing with the loss of his mother in his book, will also answer some questions about his memoir, “Spare.”

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Joining Harry will be Dr. Gabor Maté, the author of The Myth of Normal: Trauma, Illness, and Healing in a Toxic Culture. He is well-known for his trauma, addiction, stress, and childhood development expertise – all of which are themes in ‘Spare,” News24 reports.

Harry and Maté will discuss “living with loss and the importance of personal healing,” per the prince’s website.

royal, Harry, Spare, virtual event
Prince Harry at the United Nations Headquarters in 2022. Image: AFP/ Michael M. Santiago.

Attendees will each receive a hard copy of the prince’s Spare and will be able to ask questionsAny questions viewers want the prince to answer during the event can be submitted upon registration.

The virtual book event will start at 19:00 SA time (17:00 GMT).

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His memoir, Spare, released earlier this year, caused quite a stir as the prince did not seem to hold anything back.

The memoir came hot on the heels of Harry and Meghan’s Netflix series Harry & Meghan. It revealed deeply personal information about the prince, his wife, and the rest of the royal family.

When probed by The Telegraph about the many intimate family details in his memoir, the prince said:

“There is enough for another book – I cut my memoir in half to spare my family.”

In his book, the Duke of Sussex revealed that he didn’t fully accept his mother, Princess Diana’s death until he started therapy.

Harry’s book has raised many eyebrows, especially within the royal family. The Duke has yet to sit down with his father and brother following backlash and is said to want an apology from both before he commits to attend the King’s coronation on 6 May. It is unclear whether Harry and Meghan will attend the royal coronation.

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