Sithelo Shozi and her children.
Images via Instagram

Fearing for her life? Sithelo deletes socials amid child kidnap claims

After previously seeking a permanent protection order against ex Andile Mpisane, Sithelo Shozi has seemingly gone into hiding…


Sithelo Shozi and her children.
Images via Instagram

Sithelo Shozi, the baby mama of Royal AM chairman Andile Mpisane, has fuelled concerns for her safety after she accused him and his mother, Shauwn Mkhize aka “MaMkhize” of child abduction.

This, after she deleted all her social media accounts just hours after the reports came to light.

Last week, Sithelo filed charges against both Andile and MaMkhize over allegations they abducted her eldest daughter Florence in March 2022. She’s also named Minister of Police: Bheki Cele in court papers.

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As previously reported by The South African, Sithelo submitted a 24-page affidavit to the Johannesburg High Court in which she detailed how Andile Mpisane and MaMkhize failed to return her three-year-old daughter Florence from March last year until to date.

She also claimed that the mother-and-son duo relocated her child from Durban to Johannesburg without her permission. To make matters worse, Sithelo claims that her ex blocked her from contacting or visiting her child.

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However, Mpisane/Mkhize family attorney vehemently denied the allegations, insisting that it was a “media attention-seeking stunt.”

Since the bombshell accusations came to light, Sithelo Shozi has deleted both her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

On the flip side, Andile Mpisane and MaMkhize continue to post on their accounts, seemingly blue-ticking the allegations.

The police minister has yet to respond to the allegations.


Sithelo Shozi’s silence comes almost a year after she accused Andile Mpisane of abusing her throughout their relationship.

In August 2022, Sithelo started a petition for a protection order against baby daddy Andile Mpisane to become permanent, citing the latter has threatened her life on multiple occasions.

In the petition shared by gender-based violence activists Women For Change, Sithelo gave the public insight into her interaction with Andile Mpisane, whom she did not name.

She shared: “I am a mother of 1 boy and two baby girls, and I have been abused physically and emotionally and am constantly intimidated by The father of my children.

“I was in a two-and-a-half-year relationship with the father of my children, and we have two beautiful daughters and a son together. While in the relationship, I was beaten mercilessly and consistently. I did the best I could and stayed silent, but now I feel that I have been through enough. I feel that I have been abused and pushed far enough by the father of my children”.

Sithelo previously revealed that Andile Mpisane often beat her in front of his family and friends.

She continued: “The father of my children beat me to a pulp while I was pregnant with our last child, and I had to wait three days to find out if my baby would survive.

“The last draw was when the father of the children started questioning the paternity of our last child – after everything that I silently withstood. My children are far too young to live with a mother who is being bullied, intimidated, and still facing abuse. I am a human being, too, and this kind of abuse has gone on for too long. I want freedom and justice”.

Sithelo also revealed that she was living in fear.

She added: “The father of my child still calls, threatening to kill me. Even though I’ve moved out of our joint home with the children, he has managed to find out where we now live”.

Sithelo’s protection order is still pending