riky rick priest funeral

Many are not happy with what the priest said at Riky Rick’s funeral. Image via Twitter: @buzzlifenews

Priest at Riky Rick’s funeral slammed for calling rapper a ‘lost sheep’

‘I don’t like the priest’s tone’: Many South Africans are not happy with what the priest had to say at the late Riky Rick’s funeral.

riky rick priest funeral

Many are not happy with what the priest said at Riky Rick’s funeral. Image via Twitter: @buzzlifenews

On Tuesday 1 March this week, late rapper Riky Rick was laid to rest in a small ceremony that was live-streamed for his millions of fans to watch. His father, wife, and other close friends and family gave heartbreaking tributes which left many in tears. A catholic priest also spoke at the funeral and ruffled quite a few feathers when he called the rapper’s suicide a “senseless loss” and referred to him as a “lost sheep”.

Mzansi angered over priest calling Riky Rick a lost sheep

34-year-old Richado “Riky Rick” Machado was laid to rest this week. His funeral which was live-streamed has received a number of reactions on Twitter as many South Africans discuss how heartbreaking it was to watch his family say their final goodbyes.

While many tweeted that the funeral was dignified and fit for the late musician, others fixated on what the priest had to say.

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Taking to Twitter on 1 March this week, South African musician made it clear that he did not approve of the priest’s words in a tweet that read:

“I didn’t like the priest’s tone.”

You can watch the full service including what the priest had to say here.

An offset of comments

His tweet resulted in a number of comments from South Africans who either agreed that the priest should not have referred to the musician and fashion icon as a “lost sheep.”

Others however argued that the priest was simply taking his words from bible scriptures – in particular a verse from the book of Matthew where Jesus tells the parable of the lost sheep to show that the Kingdom of God is accessible to all, even those who were sinners or strayed from God’s path.

Here are some of their comments:

@zaamhd said:

“Pastors will always say that coz Christianity sees suicide as evil. In Christianity, there is no depression that can lead to one taking his/ her life. They even conclude that the person is going to hell.”

@Soyo_nxuma commented:

“I logged out of it when he called him a lost sheep ay.”

Twitter user @STheposterboy did not find anything wrong with the priest’s words and said:

“Nothing wrong with the priest’s tone and message! Sounds like some of you were expecting him to sugarcoat and that’s what’s wrong with our society, we can’t stand the truth, so much that we expect even men of God to deviate from the word????????‍♂️”

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