Nonku Williams real-life friendship

Nonku Williams. Image via Instagram @nonku_williams

Inside ‘RHOD’ stars Nonku Williams and Jojo Robinson’s real-life friendship [watch]

‘RHOD’ stars Nonku Williams and Jojo Robinson showed fans that their real-life friendship is not fake: Do you agree?

Nonku Williams real-life friendship

Nonku Williams. Image via Instagram @nonku_williams

The Real Housewives of Durban stars Nonku Williams and Jojo Robinson showed their real-life friendship.

For many months, fans imagined that Nonku and Jojo are only doing friendship goals only for work, but it’s not true.

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They are more than just workmates; they are close friends and spend time together when away from work.

This time, Jojo Robinson and Nonku Williams have decided to give their fans a glimpse of their natural life friendship.

Indeed, the RHOD stars live essentially, and here is a small part of their best moments outside The Real Housewives of Durban.

Nonku Williams real-life friendship
Jojo Robinson and Nonku Williams. Image via Instagram @mrs.jojo.robinson


A few days ago, Jojo drew a portrait of Nonku Williams, an excellent piece of art she made.

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After finishing the portrait, Jojo wrapped it beautifully, and she delivered the gift to Nonku Williams in a unique way.

This visit to Nonku Williams’s house showed that it is not only her and Jojo Robinson who have a close friendship.

Their children also have since developed a close friendship that has made the families even closer.

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The RHOD stars proved to the world that they are real-life friends and can be funny behind the scenes.

Watch as RHOD stars Nonku Williams and Jojo Robinson show their real-life friendship.


It was a happy day for the two RHOD stars who spent a day together.

After delivering the portrait, they had some delicious food made by Nonku Williams’ private Chef. Jojo Robinson loved the food and couldn’t get enough of it.

After that, it was all good as they had time to swim in the cold water listening to music.

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When Nonku Williams and Jojo Robinson had been enjoying their real-life friendship, their children also played together.

Indeed, the beautiful RHOD stars are close both on the show and in real life.

According to Jojo Robinson, this is how they spend their day:

I went to my nonkie nonks house today with ru and my son ( because our kids love each other ). I gave her the drawing i did of her. Then we listened to music, spoke shit , made tiktoks , swam in the pool ( tried , it was to cold ) , ate alot of food ( that her private chef made us. She fancy ) she knocked me over with her bootie.. we acted like kids and then I left.. 😂🥰😍