‘RHOD’ star Maria Valaskatzis. Images via Instagram @mariavkatz

‘RHOD reunion’: Maria breaks down over body shaming comments

Maria’s lips became a topic of discussion on #RHODreunion after she expressed hurt over comments from besties Nonku and Jojo.


‘RHOD’ star Maria Valaskatzis. Images via Instagram @mariavkatz

Besides all the lies, confrontations and failed friendships on the third season of Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD), body shaming was also an important topic that host, MaBlerh, wanted to discuss during the reunion on 10 May.

Newcomer, Maria Valaskatzis, was a victim of body shaming at the hands of besties Nonku, Jojo and Ruan.

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In the show, Maria’s lips were made fun of by Nonku who called them “huge” and Jojo who said she needs to “deflate” them.

While on a getaway organised by Slee in Knysna, Sorisha told Sane and Annie that Nonku, Jojo and Ruan repeatedly commented “botched” whenever they would walk past Maria.

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In addition, a clip of Nonku and Jojo laughing about Maria’s lips was also played at the reunion.

During her interview with You Magazine in March, she admitted to having fillers and botox done.

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Addressing the comments, Maria said that the comments hurt.

“The hardest thing to watch is the body shaming, and that’s not fair,” Maria said as she broke down.

In response, Jojo said that her comments on Maria’s lips were in retaliation to the comments she always makes about her intellect.

On the other hand, Nonku – who had a her lips done last month – said that her lips were proportionately done by a “professional doctor”.

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Jojo, who has also had work done on her body, recent told Carol Ofori in an interview on East Coast Radio (ECR) that she has spent over R800 000 on multiple mommy makeover procedures. She further revealed that she has had over 20 procedures done but about six or seven major surgeries.

“I don’t think I can count, like I would have to literally have to sit and count them out. But all together maybe 20+. Major surgeries maybe six or seven. So, my first surgery was a plain breast augmentation… where they just cut under the boob, they didn’t do the lift, they just put the boobs in,” she said.

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Jojo Robinson wants to become the most tattooed woman in SA. Images via Instagram @mrs.jojo.robinson.