MaBlerh to host ‘Real Housewives of Durban’ reunion again. Image Supplied

‘RHOD reunion’ host MaBlerh responds to claims he is biased

#RHODurbanReunion: While some viewers enjoyed MaBlerh’s hosting and line of questioning, others felt he was picking sides.


MaBlerh to host ‘Real Housewives of Durban’ reunion again. Image Supplied

When Showmax announced Kaya FM radio presenter Mthokozisi “MaBlerh” Cele as the Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) season three reunion host, many viewers were for the idea. And a great number of them are still in support of the Nameless Band singer following the broadcasting of part one of the reunion on 10 May.

However, not everyone is happy, as some viewers have accused MaBlerh of picking sides.

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MaBlerh to host host Real Housewives of Durban reunion Image via Instagram @mablerh


According to some tweeps, the RHOD reunion host left no stone unturned in his quest to get the ladies to account and answer for their actions and statements in the season.

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From probing about Nonku’s highly-criticised relationship with Dumisani “RD” Ndlazi to finding out what exactly are “MaBusi Vibes”. He also tried to make an uncooperative Sane account for her statements about Londie London and Annie’s respective marriages, and got Slee to set the record straight on “leaving her kids for a man.” There was also the storyline about Maria not liking Sorisha in the beginning of the season, Maria’s “botched” lips and her failed friendship with Ruan – MaBlerh asked it all.

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However, MaBlerh’s line of questioning was not satisfactory for some viewers, as they claimed he was “soft” on Sorisha about her “voetsek” comment.

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While Nonku said that the comment felt a lot like an insult for her – who was on the receiving end – MaBlerh agreed with Sorisha when she said it was “not that deep”. The host said that the word simply means “go away.”


MaBlerh was definitely checking out the show’s hashtags, as he responded to claims he was being biased.

“Please, guys, let’s wait for part 2 before allegations of me taking sides,” he wrote.

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Part two of the RHOD reunion will air on Wednesday, 17 May.