‘RHOD’ star Nonku ALSO ‘blames

‘RHOD’ star Nonku ALSO ‘blames’ villainous character on producers

#RHOD star Nonku says she relates to #YoungFamousandAfrican star Khanyi Mbau’s grievance about the show’s producers make her the villain.

‘RHOD’ star Nonku ALSO ‘blames

In reality TV there’s always a villain, and in the case of highly-talked-about shows, Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) as well as Young Famous and African (YFA) cast members Nonku Williams and Khanyi Mbau are considered villains, respectively.

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After being labelled the villain on YFA, the Happily Ever After actress defended herself from critics, subsequently calling out producers for “cutting and pasting” scenes to push their own agenda.

“It was a very hard a painful watch for me, it triggered me so much, during filming I was not well, I was diagnosed with burn out M.E. in February, meaning I have been struggling for 14 months during production,” she wrote in an Instagram post.

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Khanyi Mbau called the editors “messy and very spicy.”

“Sadly the editor made me the villain AGAIN! editing out pivotal moments that give clarity, and deleting real scenes that shared the visuals of my real world, e.g. our children.

“The cuts and pastes of the scenes and the order is completely wrong and made to fit a certain narrative.

“I let things slide last season, treated it as show business but my kind nature is setting me up for failure in a very bad way,” Khanyi explained.

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Responding to Khanyi Mbau’s post, Nonku said that she relates.

However, fans told her to sit this one out and dragged her relationship with her former ex-partner Dumisani “RD” Ndlazi into the conversation.

Nonku Williams responds to Khanyi Mbau. Image screenshot via Instagram
Nonku gets dragged. Image screenshot via Instagram
Nonku gets dragged. Image screenshot via Instagram

Throughout the third season of RHOD, Nonku was criticised for dating RD as he has a reputation of being a scammer and a rape case hanging over his head.

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The businessman was arrested for rape in 2014, according to an article by the Zululand Observer. A statement by the South African Police Services (SAPS) in 2016 revealed he was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

“He told me he was arrested for rape… he was arrested for five, six months,” she told MaBlerh during the reunion.

When asked why she allowed a man who has a criminal past to meet her teenage daughter, Nothile Ncwane, she said: “I saw somebody. I fell in love with him. I saw a side to him that a lot of people didn’t see.”

In addition to her drama with RD, she also contributed to her friendship with her co-stars Slee and Sorisha failing in the third season. Nonku was dragged for mistreating her friend MaBusi horribly in season two and mistreating Ayanda Ncwane in the first season.