‘Real Housewives van Pretoria’ share snaps from Zanzibar. Image via Instagram @kiki.lacoco.

‘Real Housewives van Pretoria’ share snaps from Zanzibar [photos]

The ‘Real Housewives van Pretoria’ gave their followers an inside look at their Zanzibar vacation. Take a look…


‘Real Housewives van Pretoria’ share snaps from Zanzibar. Image via Instagram @kiki.lacoco.

The Real Housewives van Pretoria – Mel Viljoen, Rhona Erasmus, Renske Lammerding and Kiki La Coco were still in Zanzibar for the latest episode of the Afrikaans series which aired on KykNet on Thursday 15 December. 

Marie Bosman had left the island to head back to Pretoria. Talana Kuhn who was pregnant during the filming of the series, was not seen on the trip.

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  • The trip started off on a dramatic note as Mel and Rhona Erasmus got into a heated argument. Rhona did not want to play the “five second rule” game which Mel suggested. So, Mel lashed out at her claiming she was “f******” rude. 
  • Mel also lashed out at Renske for revealing that she had fat transferred in her body in front of all the ladies. Renske defended herself saying that she thought it was public knowledge because Mel had showed it to the ladies the previous night. However, Mel denied this saying she showed the ladies a waist trainer. She proceeded to lash out at Renske and called her a snake.
  • Renske told Rhona she felt that Mel owed her an apology. However, Mel brought it up again and claimed she was body shamed by Renske.
  • Mel also noted that she feels Kiki’s loyalty has switched and now she’s friendly with all the ladies. She also asked Kiki if their friendship was about charity and Kiki told Mel she does not need her money.
  • Rhona then got into yet another argument with Mel. This time she questioned why Mel’s husband, Peet Viljoen was disbarred. The conversation quickly turned into an argument and Mel told Rhona that no one knows her. Rhona and Renkshe then got up and left the dinner table.

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