Rami Chuene breastfeeds grandchild

Rami Chuene breastfeeds grandchild ‘Dino’
Image via Instagram

‘Working ouma’: Rami Chuene breastfeeds her grandchild [photo]

‘This one’s fave thing is her Koko’s boob’: Rami Chuene said of her granddaughter’s fondness of breastfeeding.

Rami Chuene breastfeeds grandchild

Rami Chuene breastfeeds grandchild ‘Dino’
Image via Instagram

There’s nothing Rami Chuene wouldn’t do for her grandchild, and that includes breastfeeding her!

The soapie actress is “koko” to a bouncing baby girl whose mother is Kefiloe, the star’s eldest daughter.

“Baby Dino” is the apple of her grandmother’s eye. And so much so that she’s even snuck in a breastfeeding session with the star!


Rami Chuene – who is mom to three beautiful daughters with ex-husband Tsepo Desando – posted a picture of herself nursing her baby Dino on her social media accounts.

She captioned it: “This one’s fave thing is her Koko’s boob. With her teeth coming out, she also bites! Ouch! I’m just worried that one day she will suck hard enough to be met by inkomazi or powdered milk”.

And her followers are loving the special bond shared between them.

“Priceless! This picture is absolutely beautiful”

“I love how you look at each other”

“The joys of being a koko”


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Others laughed at the situation and even teased Rami Chuene about her new role as a breastmilk supplier.

“My mom used to do that with her baby granddaughter, then one day the milk started coming out! And she was in her late fifties”

“They bite once they realize nothing is coming out”

“I have teeth issues, I don’t mind inkomazi at all!”


According to health experts, it is physically possible for a woman to breastfeed her grandchild, provided she is healthy.

Consultant public health physician Dr. Modupe Akinyinka told PUNCH HealthWise; “A grandmother can assist in breastfeeding the baby. But it is required that she is healthy and does not have an illness that the child has a possibility of contracting”.

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“So, grandmothers can still produce breast milk and breastfeed babies, irrespective of their age. If the breast milk starts to flow, they have to be taking a lot of fluids.

“Once the grandmother is well-nourished and properly fed, the breast milk will still be of high quality.”