R500k for drinks? DJ Sbu would

South African DJ Sbusiso Leope, popularly known as DJ Sbu. Images via Twitter @djsbu.

R500k for drinks? DJ Sbu would rather ‘stay at home and buy bitcoin’

After a bill that amounted to R581 765,50 went viral on social media, DJ Sbu says that he would rather invest in cryptocurrency.

R500k for drinks? DJ Sbu would

South African DJ Sbusiso Leope, popularly known as DJ Sbu. Images via Twitter @djsbu.

South African DJ Sbusiso Leope, popularly known by his stage name, DJ Sbu said that he would rather invest in bitcoin than spend an exorbitant amount of money on drinks via a tweet on Thursday 9 September. This follows a bill for over R500 000 going viral on social media.


A bill for drinks amounting to R581 765,50 has gone viral on social media. The name on the receipt of the bill is Juboy Takosha which is likely to be an alias. DJ Sbu shared the image of the bill on Twitter saying that he would rather stay at home and invest in Bitcoin rather than forking out over R500 000 on drinks, which can buy you a house.

“If I was him, I would have stayed home & bought #bitcoin,” wrote DJ Sbu on Twitter.

Although generous tippers have been trending recently, this bill was different as the drinks actually amounted to R471 605. The tip was still a big one though, R47 160 which is 10% off the total consumed at the restaurant. 

DJ Sbu’s preference of spending money on bitcoin may be linked to him wanting to bring the cryptocurrency to the townships. 

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The DJ was recently dragged on Twitter for suggesting that Bitcoin be introduced to townships in South Africa. Taking to Twitter on Tuesday 7 September, DJ Sbu shared his plans to educate people on cryptocurrency saying he will be bringing “crypto to the hood”.

However, Tweeps were not as excited as the DJ expected. Theybrought up important points such as many South Africans are unable to afford getting into Bitcoin trading and it is “very risky” to invest on.

While others criticised crypto currency for its instability and lack of profitability and dragged the DJ for imposing his thoughts onto them. 

“(Cryptocurrency is) not exactly what poor people need,” said the Tweep.

Tweeps also thought first making money and saving it is more of priority before learning how to invest their money. 


Tweeps in the comments section of DJ Sbu’s post mentioned his ongoing drama with singer Zahara over royalties from her 2011 debut album, Loliwe while she was signed to his record label.

DJ Sbu said that Zahara received all the money that was due to her and also shared screenshots of documents that proved so. However, Zahara slammed the claims saying that the last time she communicated with DJ Sbu was almost a year and a half ago and she has not received any money. 

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