Nadia Nakai

Images via Instagram: Nadia Nakai

R12k wig ruined! Nadia Nakai blasts hairstylist for ruining her pricey hair

Nadia Nakai is one unhappy chappie – and no, it’s not because her ex Vic Mensa has a new bae. The rapper took to IG where she ranted about a hairstylist who destroyed her R12k wig!

Nadia Nakai

Images via Instagram: Nadia Nakai

South African rapper Nadia Nakai is not happy. The artist took to her Instagram page on Wednesday night to call out a hairstylist for ruining her R12k wig in a series of angry IG stories. According to her post, the wig in question cost a whopping R12k and is now in complete ruins.

Hairy disaster: Nadia Nakai rants about hairstylist’s botched job on her R12k wig

As a hairstylist, almost nothing comes close to being approached by a celebrity who would like you to do their hair for them. The opportunity turned into a nightmare for one hairstylist who was tasked with doing local rapper Nadia Nakai’s expensive wig.

Instead of getting all the amazing exposure that comes with working with celebs, LajawiHair was exposed by Nakai for ruining a wig that she had sent to them for a colour treatment.

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Taking to her IG stories on Wednesday 22 September this year, Nakai wrote:

“You completely f**** up my hair.” She also went on to tag the person from who she had originally purchased the wig while writing: “Look what they did to my wig!”

Image via Instagram: Nadia Nakai

Her rant didn’t end there as she went on to share a photo of what the hair looked like before she sent it to LawajiHair to be coloured:

“What colour is this? If you say, you colour and this is what you mean, this is complete bullsht. Don’t say you are a hairstylist if you don’t know what the f*ck you are doing. This wig was R12 000. Like what the f*ck, so you gave it back to me like this for what” she said.

Image via Instagram: Nadia Nakai

Meanwhile Nadia’s ex finds a new flame

It may be safe to assume that Nakai is in an especially foul mood since she was trending this week following a post that was made by her ex-boyfriend, Vic Mensa.

South African Twitter users have since been left with a ton of questions after Mensa shared a clip of himself looking all loved up with a new girl. In the clip, the pair appear to be having the time of their lives with Nadia nowhere in sight!

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