Shauwn MaMkhize Mkhize

MaMkhize is well known for living her best luxurious life on her reality show and on her social media pages. Image via Instagram @kwa_mammkhize

Queen Royal AM: MaMKhize’s net worth, assets and more

Shauwn ‘MaMkhize’ Mkhize is one of the wealthiest people in Mzansi. Her amassing fortunes allow her to buy anything her heart desires.

Shauwn MaMkhize Mkhize

MaMkhize is well known for living her best luxurious life on her reality show and on her social media pages. Image via Instagram @kwa_mammkhize

Shauwn Mkhize is a highly respected South African businesswoman, philanthropist, television personality, and socialite.

She also goes by Dr Shauwn Mkhize and most known as MaMkhize. She reportedly got honoured with an honorary doctorate by the Good Shepherd College of Religion, Culture and Training for her philanthropy work, Sports Briefs reported.


MaMkhize is one of the wealthiest media personalities and South Africans. Although she never featured on the Forbes list of the wealthiest Africans, several sources estimated her net worth to be around R350 million.

Shauwn MaMkhize Mkhize
Shaun MaMkhize’s networth was estimated to be around R350 million. Image via Instagram @kwa_mammkhize


Born on 6 April and raised in Kwazulu-Natal, Shauwn Mkhize’s age is not known rumours that she could be in her 30s. Her actual age is not publicly stated, but she is the daughter of the late anti-apartheid activist and ANC member Florence Mkhize.


EThekwini Municipality’s Florence Mkhize Building, located in the city centre of Durban, was named after Shauwn’s mother, Zalebs reported.

Shauwn was previously married to Sbu Mpisane, and two children came out of their marriage.

Mpisane reportedly had come into the marriage with a six-year-old daughter, Sbahle Mpisane. The couple later had a son of their own, Andile Mpisane, born in 19991.

Mkhize and her estranged husband reportedly divorced in 2019 after 15 years together, Ubetoo reported.

Sbu was reportedly a wealthy traffic cop and supposedly joined his wife in business with her limitless resources.

In regards to her divorce, Shauwn reportedly said,

“It was a very difficult decision to make and a very emotional decision to take. I felt like it was being cut off, but I figured I have to learn and get used to not loving this man.”


MaMkhize reportedly began her career decades ago. In
the early 2000s, she established a property business named Zikhulise Group,
the umbrella company of several small businesses under its wing, Ubetoo

The company group reportedly includes Zikhulise
Auto Restorers, Inyanaga Security Services,
and Zikhulise Cleaning
Maintenance and Transport (ZCMT).

In 2019, MaMkhize was announced as the Royal AM football club
president, formerly known as Real Kings, which is currently under her son’s

According to Sports Briefs, Mamkhize also owned the Royal Eagles F.C.
of South Africa.

The businesswoman also starred alongside her kids in
her reality TV show Kwa Mam’Mkhize which aired on DSTV channel Mzansi

In 2021 MaMkhize debuted on SABC1’s prime time
telenovela Uzalo.


Shaun has a long history of good deeds and is an empowering force in the black business sector. She has held numerous charitable and bursary initiatives.

Shauwn is also a feminist and reportedly campaigned to eradicate violence against women and the spread of HIV/AIDS in her province, Sports Brief reported.

In 2020, she reportedly worked with the Department of Sport, Arts and Culture and donated shoes and sanitary pads to Umlazi ComTech High School.

In 2021, she worked with the SABC1’s Expression and the Department of Correctional Services and constructed 20 houses with jail inmates for underprivileged citizens

Her good deeds have not gone unnoticed. She was awarded a Hollywood and African Prestigious Woman of the Year Award for her charitable work.


MaMkhize reportedly had several houses. Her most known home is in La Lucia in Durban, and she was said to have bought the multi-million-rand property in 1995.

According to Ubetoo, the businesswoman also has two other mansions. The first one was reportedly bought in 2014 and cost R2.9 million; in 2017, she purchased another property that cost a whopping R3.5 million.

It was later reported that she converted part of her R3.5 million into a luxurious showroom for her fleet of luxury cars and sporty automobiles.



The fancy garage has numerous high-end vehicles. Several sources reported that they owned a Maserati Pininfarina, an Aston Martin, a Porsche Turbo and a Ferrari, Bentley, a Lamborghini Urus, a Mercedes Benz G-Wagon, a Mercedes Maybach, and a BMW i8.

MaMkhize and her son Andile are car fanatics. According to Zalebs, Shauwn gifted her son with a Mercedes G63 AMG. He regularly shows off posing alongside immaculate automobiles such as a Rolls-Royce, G-Wagon and more.


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