King Charles

Trevor Noah has been criticism for poking fun at King Charles.
Image via YouTube screenshot/The Daily Show

Trevor Noah dragged by royal fans after calling King Charles ‘spoilt’

Did Trevor Noah cross the line in comments poking fun at ‘spoilt’ King Charles? Here’s why many royal fans think he did…

King Charles

Trevor Noah has been criticism for poking fun at King Charles.
Image via YouTube screenshot/The Daily Show

Trevor Noah has incurred the wrath of angry royal fans following his criticism of King Charles this week.

The South African comedian had critics reeling after he referred to the monarch as “spoilt”.

Charles was crowned the new monarch following the death of his mother Queen Elizabeth on 8 September.

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In an episode of The Daily Show which aired on Thursday 15 September, Trevor Noah poked fun at viral clips of King Charles becoming annoyed at his royal staff.

One clip saw Charles bemoaning a leaking pen while signing an official document. In another, he grimaced at staff as he beckoned for them to clear his desk.

Doing what he does best, Trevor Noah found humour in the viral clips, playfully teasing the royal for his “p*ssy pens” tantrums.

He also aired a clip of former royal butler Paul Burrell who claimed that then Prince Charles was very particular about how he liked things done.

Trevor Noah added: “If you paid attention to King Charles to his prince days, you would know that this is pretty much how he has always been”.

He added: “When I was a kid, I thought kings had to pull swords out of stones. This dude can barely pull his own d**k out of his own pants.

“You know what this tells you about Charles, is that royals have been really spoilt”.


Following his comments about King Charles, many social media users slammed Trevor Noah for being “insensitive” to the grieving royal.

Here’s what tweeps had to say:

@SchengenStory: “Comedian Trevor Noah has taken a brutal swipe at ‘spoilt’ King Charles III just days after the monarch acceded to the throne following the death of his mother. The profane South African comedian made a tasteless remark about Charles in a ruthless diatribe to the guffawing”

@BarkieDog: “Have you planned a funeral for a loved one?  Stress is beyond tolerable and sometimes spills out. I hope comedians are more respectable to you.  RE: saying King Charles III is ‘spoilt’”

@C0nservativeGal: “Trevor Noah bowing down and kissing the ass of the American media. He’s a sell-out. I have never once watched his show and have no plans to”

@cmmak: “Trevor Noah: Bad taste to make a joke/comment about King Charles III”

@MunfordStables: “Another filthy woke parasite”

@melungeon9: “King Charles is grieving what is wrong with that? Also, you don’t know him; you only know what the media says! I have personally met him over the years and I can tell you he is going to be a great King but by golly – let the man grieve!”