African presidents

Tweeps have criticised African presidents for travelling to Queen Elizabeth’s funeral via a bus. Image via Twitter

‘Still puppets’: Celebs react to ‘African presidents’ in bus backlash

Several South African stars have reacted to suggestions that African presidents were forced to board a bus to Queen Elizabeth’s funeral.

African presidents

Tweeps have criticised African presidents for travelling to Queen Elizabeth’s funeral via a bus. Image via Twitter

Amid the dignified send-off of Queen Elizabeth on Monday at her funeral service, social media was left reeling over claims that African presidents and “lesser leaders” were transported to the venue – Westminster Abbey – via coach bushes.

This compared to US president Joe Biden and other leaders like France’s Emmanuel Macron and Canada’s Justin Trudeau reportedly arriving via luxury cars.

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In pics that went viral on social media, a group of African presidents were seen smiling as they travelled in a bus en route to Westminster Abbey.

In contrasting images, President Biden and his wife Jill were seen arriving in a bulletproof limousine called “The Beast”. 

According to tweeps, the “segregation” of the world leaders was “racially motivated”

But were the pics taken out of context?

According to the UK’s Express, the White House demanded that Biden travel via a six-car motorcade for “security reasons”. Their request was granted by UK officials and the vehicle was flown to the UK.

The rest of the guests were transported in buses to “ease traffic congestion”, claims the publication.

And it wasn’t just African presidents who boarded the bus to Queen Elizabeth’s funeral. MailOnline reveals that presidents from first-world countries like France, Canada, New Zealand and others also boarded the bus with fellow dignitaries. In addition, kings, queens, and fellow members of royal families from Spain, The Netherlands, Romania, Germany, and Bulgaria also took the bus to the venue.


But amid a viral picture of the African presidents – taken by Kenya leader William Ruto – many tweeps called out the monarchy for “racism”.

And even prominent figures joined in.

Award-winning musician Don Laka reacted to an article posted on The South African Facebook page. 

He shared in response: “But African leaders are still puppets. They are still under colonial rule remotely controlled from there. So we should not expect much, and should not be comparing. They are lucky they have a bus”.

Outspoken media personality Ntsiki Mazwai tweeted: “One day can we talk about the day African leaders embarrassed us and went to an event they were not really welcome at and arrived in City to City busses”

EFF party leader Julius Malema retweeted several messages criticising the “African presidents” for subjecting themselves to “humiliation”.


Meanwhile “African presidents” have been trending on Twitter with tweeps poking fun at pics of their trip abroad and mode of transportation.

Here’s what tweeps had to say: