Quavo Takeoff Tribute

Quavo says Takeoff did not bother anyone. Images via Instagram: @quavohuncho

‘The most unbothered person’: Quavo honours nephew Takeoff

Quavo has penned a moving tribute in honour of his slain nephew. He says Takeoff never bothered anyone and he believed in God.

Quavo Takeoff Tribute

Quavo says Takeoff did not bother anyone. Images via Instagram: @quavohuncho

Quavo has finally broken his silence following the death of his nephew Takeoff in a shooting incident that took his life.

He took to his Instagram page to pay tribute to the 28-year-old and said that Takeoff did not bother anyone and he remained an unbothered person in most situations.

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The rapper let their fans in on the type of person Takeoff was and how they grew up together even though they were uncle and nephew – a term they did not like.

Quavo says Takeoff was always by his side ever since they were kids, he looked up to him. He never competed with him because they were always on the same team.

Quavo has called Takeoff ‘our angel’ in a tribute message on Instagram. Image via @yrntakeoff/Instagram

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“Remember, our first dream was to be tag team partners in WWE. We fell in love with WWF wrestling…man we had every action figure. Thought we was gonna be pro wrestlers cuz the way he imitated all the wrestlers so goo and if you know Take, his imitation skills are to the T,” he says.

The Bad and Boujee hitmaker says that even though Takeoff was the quietest in the room, he paid attention to everything. He was the most unbothered person that did not bother anyone.

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“He never got mad, he never raised his voice and when he did, he silenced the room..[he] was by far the funniest person…once you got him going, he wouldn’t stop,” Quavo says.

The Migos member says Takeoff trusted God. This would be seen when he would take time with everything, “whenever we would be running late to the shows, he would always say ‘God will get us there on time’, some shows God did, some shows we were late”.

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The 31-year-old then mentioned that he is proud of the things they achieved together. He says he will continue to keep his name alive as long as he lives.

“I’ll never leave you, I guess God just aint need my help so you can ask him for me what i gotta do to be with you again. In a place where there’s no pain, no demons, no jealousy, no envy, no greed,” he says.

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