Fans say that Babes Wdumo must apologise to Makhadzi. Image via Facebook: Babes Wodumo

Publicity stunt or not, fans want Babes Wodumo to apologise to Makhadzi!

‘Pure jealousy’: Makhadzi’s fans are still demanding that Babes Wodumo apologise after the musician insulted her in a crazy rant.


Fans say that Babes Wdumo must apologise to Makhadzi. Image via Facebook: Babes Wodumo

Last week Friday, Babes Wodumo shared another shocking Instagram Live video. This time instead of attacking single baby momma’s the gqom artist launched an attack at her mother-in-law, Zama Gumede. During her rant, she also took a jab at fellow musician, Makhakdzi.

The Limpopo star’s fans are now demanding an apology.

Makhadzi’s fans demand Babes apology following the insult

On Friday 10 December, Babes Wodumo headed to her Instagram to share another shocking live video of herself hurling insults at her mother-in-law. The two of them haven’t seen eye-to-eye ever since Gumede accused Babes of faking her pregnancy.

During her rant, Babes also decided to take a jab at Makhadzi. In the clip, Babes who appeared to be intoxicated said that Makhadzi doesn’t have a future.

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Later on Friday, Babes shared a statement on her Instagram claiming that the strange video was just a publicity stunt. In the statement, she revealed that she wanted to create a little hype before releasing her new EP called The Crown.

Despite this, she is still getting backlash around her comment about Makhadzi and her career.

The fans lash out

Many of Makhadzi’s fans – who call themselves the “Makhadzinators” – have demanded that Babes apologises to the talented artist. According to them, she had no right to involve Makhadzi in her little stunt.

“It’s pure jealousy, there’s nothing more. She’s just jealous at the fact that because of her arrogance she was so quick to brag that she’s the hottest young artist. She used to utter such words even when she didn’t win awards. Makhadzi has always remained humble, people have body-shamed her, called her all sorts of horrible things.

“But still remained calm and that’s why God is continuing to bless her. Babes with her arrogance will never achieve what that young woman has achieved. Babes will only achieve at swearing at people,” said one person according to Zalebs.

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