Chinese side hustle: Is that S

Shepherd Bushiri seems to be in China. Image via screenshot.

Chinese side hustle: Is that Shepherd Bushiri preaching in China? [watch]

The controversial self-proclaimed prophet Shepherd Bushiri seems to have made his way to China and Tweeps are impressed by his hustle.

Chinese side hustle: Is that S

Shepherd Bushiri seems to be in China. Image via screenshot.

Controversial Malawian businessman and prophet Shepherd Bushiri, who escaped South Africa after criminal charges were laid against him, is now preaching in China. A video of the Christian preacher has gone viral. 


The controversial prophet has been accused of fraud, money laundering and corruption. Bushiri and his wife have allegedly defrauded congregants of his Enlightened Christian Gathering Church to the estimated value of R100 million through elaborate pyramid schemes. 

The pair fled the country a few days after they were granted bail of R200 000 at the Pretoria Central Magistrate’s Court. However, according to City Press he has been in the country several times. 

“I know who is behind your stories and I know your entire syndicate. I am also aware of those crooked and corrupt police officers that you work with. I denied giving you money and you promised to make my life a living hell,” responded Bushiri on Twitter.

“You can misrepresent facts on social media and make it appear as though you are at an advantage with your propaganda, but trust me, the law in Malawi does not use media. They use evidence and facts! See you soon on the other side of the law!” he added. 

The matter is due back in court in July. The couple lost their daughter back in March and Bushiri blamed the South African government for his daughters death.

However, it seems Bushiri has left the African continent as a whole now for China. 


In a viral video of the Christian preacher, it seems he has taken his work to China as he is seen preaching to the chinese alongside what seems to be an English to Mandarin translator. 


Twitter users are oddly impressed with Bushiri’s determination to “hustle” for more money and him going all the way to China to get back to business.

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