Princess Charlene of Monaco

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Princess Charlene responds to rumours she ‘abandoned’ her kids

Princess Charlene of Monaco has set the record straight on claims she has abandoned her two young children while recovering from a ‘serious sinus infection’ in South Africa…

Princess Charlene of Monaco

Image via Instagram

Princess Charlene has responded to ongoing rumours she has abandoned her two young children in Monaco whilst she spends time in South Africa.

The royal — who is married to Prince Albert, with whom they have six-year-old twins Jacques and Gabriella —  revealed she is temporarily residing in South Africa while she recovers from a “serious sinus infection”.

Princess Charlene: Back in Monaco at end of October?

The blonde beauty has been in the country since early this year and stated that she would only return to her adopted country at the end of October — spending months away from her family whilst she seeks medical treatment.

But her statement has been met with disapproval from the public who’ve accused her of neglecting her children.

The rumour mill has also been set in overdrive from royal fans and commentators who predict that there may be some trouble in paradise between Charlene and Albert who’ve been married for a decade, whom they believe are on the brink of a divorce.

What else would warrant Charlene not returning home and seeking medical treatment from the comfort of her palace, ask fans?

Princess Charlene: ‘It’s terribly frustrating’

The former Olympic swimmer spoke to Radio 702 last week, telling journalist and presenter Mandy Wiener that the decision to be separated from her children was “terribly frustrating”.

“[It’s] very frustrating, terribly frustrating. I can’t wait to get back to them, I can’t wait to see my children”

However, she revealed that she was in constant contact with her kids and used every available opportunity to speak to them.

Princess Charlene revealed: “It’s the longest period I’ve actually been away from Europe, let alone my children, but I’m FaceTiming them most days and they’ve been here and will be returning to see me again after my procedure.”

The 43-year-old revealed that she had originally planned to spend a fortnight in the country during a conservation trip organised by her charity, the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation.

But her plans were derailed when she contracted an ear, nose and throat infection and subsequently had started having issues “equilising her ears”, which led her to seek medical help.

The real reason she can’t return home?

According to Princess Charlene, the real reason she could not return home was because of the lengthy recovery period of her infection.

“It’s taken time to address the problem that I’m having…I cannot go into full detail, but I cannot force healing so I will be grounded in South Africa until the end of October”

Another factor was that the altitude of flying home prematurely could lead to more problems with her ears.

“The reason being I cannot fly above 3 000m otherwise I’ll have a problem with my ears”.

A bunch of excuses?

Despite her explanation, Princess Charlene – who is active on social media – and has been posting up a storm on Instagram of her South African adventures has received flack from fans and fellow social media users

Many fans have even called her out for making “excuses” for not returning home.

“How about train or boat, love, to go home and see your kids; you are their mother”, claimed one tweep.

Speculation about Prince Albert’s ‘roving eye’

But representatives for the royal insist that all is well between Charlene and Albert and have done much to quash speculation of marriage woes, including rumours Albert has fathered another secret love-child during his marriage!

“The speculation is 100% false,” a spokesperson told You magazine.

Last December, Albert was hit with claims he fathered a daughter with a Brazilian woman in 2004. He has also been declared the father of two other love children; a daughter born to an American estate agent and a son to a Togolese air hostess.

Princess Charlene and rhino poaching

Meanwhile, Princess Charlene has been busy spending her time in South Africa advocating against rhino poaching alongside her charity.

She captioned an image of herself on Instagram; “Rhino Horn is Not Cool! Let’s unite under my #ChasingZero initiative and put an end to the atrocities that put our precious wildlife at risk.”