Prince Kaybee wants to rebuild Mzansi

Image via Twitter @PrinceKaybee_SA/Twitter

‘Let’s create jobs’: Prince Kaybee joins efforts to help rebuild SA

Prince Kaybee has inspired South Africans with his latest post about job creation in the midst of nationwide looting and unrest.

Prince Kaybee wants to rebuild Mzansi

Image via Twitter @PrinceKaybee_SA/Twitter

South African musician Prince Kaybee has joined the hundreds of locals who are looking for a way forward following various incidents of looting and violence around Johannesburg and KwaZulu-Natal.

Fixing Mzansi: Kaybee looks for a way forward

Heading online, the popular DJ shared an inspiring and motivational post about having just received a new contract. In his tweet,he called on truck owners and truck drivers to help him meet the needs of this contract.

In the same breath, Kaybee asked people to join him in creating job opportunities. And while he didn’t use that many words, his sentiments about rebuilding the country after the devastation that has swept over it, shine through.

“I have a new contract, I need 3 more trucks to fill the number required. If you have one driver, hire another one because one truck needs two drivers. Call my fleet manager if you have a 34ton side-dipper trailer with a Truck and I’ll do the rest. Let’s create jobs,” reads Kaybee’s tweet.

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Business owners and like-minded locals love it

Kaybee’s tweet seemingly opened up a door for many local business owners looking for a way forward. In the comment section, many of them shared information about their ventures while asking people for their support.

A lot of locals also loved the post and reacted to it over 8000 times. People also commended the Fetch Your Life DJ for spreading positivity during a time when many people are uncertain about the future of South Africa:

“I’m loving what’s happening here, advertise people – get your paper! And ya, also help Kabelo out with what he needs,” wrote @Mfanelo.

While @sbonzo_mhlophe said:

“I like this bro, hope others with opportunities can plug others too. Big up bro.”

Other people making efforts to rise from the dust

Kaybee is not the only one trying to remedy Mzansi’s dire situation. Many locals have headed online to offer their services to people whose businesses are affected by the terrible looting wave.

Tembisa residents are a part of the group who has taken a stand against looting. Many of them gathered to protect the Birch Acres mall and were greatly lauded online.

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