Kaybee national shutdown protests

Prince Kaybee during the National Shutdown protests. Image from Twitter/@MonareTaylor

‘Revolutionary leader’: Prince Kaybee joins national shutdown protests

Prince Kaybee is making all sorts of headlines after being spotted participating in the EFF National Shutdown protests.

Kaybee national shutdown protests

Prince Kaybee during the National Shutdown protests. Image from Twitter/@MonareTaylor

Prince Kaybee is trending after he was spotted taking part in the EFF National Shutdown protests calling for the immediate step-down of the president. A few days ago, the celebrated musician was vocal about his thoughts on the current situation in the country.

Taking it to Twitter, he shared a series of tweets encouraging the masses to be vocal and be part of the peaceful protests that have since taken full swing across the country.

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Before the protests, he made it known that he would be participating, and many thought it was a mare joke since several celebrities usually distance themselves from politics.

Kaybee tweeted: “Lol, people think I’m just a loudmouth.”

In the wake of his tweet, he was spotted with other masses protesting, and Mzansi was more than impressed. He even retweeted his viral pictures and made it known that he was not just a loudmouth, as many thought.

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Kaybee national shutdown protests
Prince Kaybee. Image from Twitter@PrinceKaybee_SA

Mzansi has since weighed into the matter with their two cents. The bubbly DJ has been praised for his bravery. Well, here are some of the comments that flooded Twitter after his viral pictures protesting flooded social media.

@mbongie9 I wish other celebrities would take the struggle of the people serious like you bru🤛big
@hope_lekhetha commented You’re a ground force! No arguments.

@Sbu_Ntsepeng tweeted. They don’t know that beyond being an exceptional musician, you are quite a formidable intellectual…Some of us have been following you and know that you Act what you Preach: The Domkops are Shaken because they thought you were just another empty musician….#NationalShutdown

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According to Times Live, this is not his first time joining national protests. In 2021, he joined the SA Congress of Students (Sascoc) after they called a national shutdown of 26 universities in protest against the cost of tertiary education.

However, in the mix of things, several celebrities have shared their thoughts on the shutdown. The Podcast and Chill Co-host Sol Phenduka has joined a host of a-list celebrities like Pearl Thusi in spreading and sharing the news of the protests. They are undoubtedly supporting the movement, which has since gained momentum and seen almost 87 arrested across the country, per reports.

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