Kaybee national shutdown protests

Prince Kaybee. Image from Twitter@PrinceKaybee_SA

Prince Kaybee gets painted with ‘homophobic’ label after he endorses Ugandan Bill

Prince Kaybee got dragged on Twitter after making a statement which seemingly promoted the Ugandan Bill against homosexuality

Kaybee national shutdown protests

Prince Kaybee. Image from Twitter@PrinceKaybee_SA

It seems like another day, another celebrity decides to offer themselves as a human sacrifice for Twitter uses to burn and this time it is Prince Kaybee.

How Prince Kaybee put his foot in his mouth

The entire matter started when the musician decided not to think carefully about his word usage in a statement he posted where he hinted that he believed that homosexual individuals recruit children. This statement alone is dangerous as it assists in pushing the homophobic agenda.

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The exact statement according to The Pink Brain that he put out that landed him in hot water was the following: “I agree with the (violently homophobic and harmful) Uganda Invoice, the gays should not recruit kids”.

This unfortunately was not the end of it. When the famed musician saw the backlash he added more fuel to the fire by playing innocent and questioning why he was being labelled a homophobe with the following tweet

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Prince Kaybee
Prince Kaybee looking grand amongst homophobe labels. Image via Instagram @princekaybee_sa

When the tweeps finished him

This was when tweeps decided to let him have him. The entire statement can be seen as being careless especially when it comes from a public figure. The fact that the bill is a direct violation of human rights is enough to gain sympathy for the homosexual individuals living in Uganda and not support for it.

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Prince Kaybee has also been in the news lately in relations to his music career. The musician has not released any further statement regarding this matter.

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