Prince Kaybee

House DJ and producer Prince Kaybee. Image via Facebook @PrinceKaybeeThe Original

Prince Kaybee cheating scandal: Who is his side chick ‘Eurica’?

Prince Kaybee has been exposed – in the nude, nogal – on social media cheating on his girlfriend Zola Zeelovin. Here’s what we know about his side chick ‘Eurica’.

Prince Kaybee

House DJ and producer Prince Kaybee. Image via Facebook @PrinceKaybeeThe Original

DJ Prince Kaybee has confessed this morning via a tweet that he has been cheating on his TV and radio presenter girlfriend Zola Ayabulela Mhlongo, popularly known as Zola Zeelovin, for the past five years.  

Social media pages showed that Prince Kaybee’s side chick, known only as Eurica, had been sharing the receipts of their interactions on Instagram and WhatsApp, which involves flirty messages and arrangements to meet up, including Uber rides and more. 

Prince Kaybee forced to backtrack…

Prince Kaybee first tried to dismiss the screenshots by saying that Eurica was just a fling. However it was later revealed that this had been going on for the last five years.

Ironically, Prince Kaybee previously dragged Black Coffee for cheating on his wife, Enhle Mbali, but now he himself has been caught with his pants down…literally. 


In tweets that have since been removed, Prince Kaybee asked for the rest of the screenshots and he claimed that Eurica is a costume designer who has worked for him. 

“But this isn’t fair, where’s the rest of the screenshot, this is Eurica mos, a costume designer that came for costume measurements for videos to be shot in Cape Town. There’s a part where I tell her to hurry up I’m playing at 11. Ai bo Eurica sies,” he wrote. 

He thereafter tried to defend himself saying he learnt a lesson about giving people work.

“Lesson learned today, do not entertain anyone even if they looking for work. Whether you guys had a fling or not, do not entertain,” he wrote on Twitter.

And finally…the under-fire DJ tweeted his confession and an apology, saying he has “humiliated his girlfriend publicly”:


A social media page called “Hot and Served” posted the screenshots and screen recordings of conversations between Prince Kaybee and his side chick. 

Have a look:


Amid Prince Kaybee’s cheating scandal, Pretoria-based DJ Hazel Mahazard has been trending on Twitter for exposing “his nudes” in a Twitter post. 

At this stage, we do not know what motivated the 27-year-old DJ to expose Prince Kaybee, but she has surely caused a social media uproar. Many people are acknowledging this as “revenge porn”, saying that if the tables were turned this would be a much bigger issue.

However, some opinions differed.