Prince charles

Image: BANG Showbiz

UK public obsessed with Googling Prince Charles and his fingers – see why

‘Prince Charles sausage fingers’ is the seventh most popular Google search in the UK.

Prince charles

Image: BANG Showbiz

According to website Cornwall Live, the cheeky phrase has made it into the top 10 most popular queries submitted on the search engine in Britain, while “Prince Charles fingers” is the 20th most popular.

The reason for the popularity of the search is because the Prince of Wales – who also holds the title of Duke of Cornwall – suffers from a condition called dactylitis.

Dactylitis: Prince Charles and his ‘sausage fingers’

Dactylitis is severe inflammation of the finger and toe joints which causes them to turn puffy, with the nature of the inflammation causing sufferers digits to resemble sausages. Severe dactylitis can even make your fingers so rigid that you can no longer make a fist.

The name is derived from the Greek word dactylos which means “finger”. Experts say it can be caused by anything from water retention to poor circulation or even arthritis.

The 72-year-old royal isn’t self-conscious about his condition though, and even made a joke about his “sausage fingers” in 2012 during a trip in Australia.

And while visiting India in November 2019, onlookers couldn’t help notice both his hands and feet appeared very inflamed and puffy.

Charles was visiting Gurudwara Bangla Sahib – a Sikh house of worship – to celebrate the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak, when photographers captured his hands looking red and inflamed.

Meanwhile, other popular UK Google searches include the late presenter Caroline Flack, Coronavirus symptoms, Coronavirus update, Premier League, Boris Johnson, Eat Out to Help Out, Kobe Bryant and Kim Jong Un.

And the top 10 Google searches worldwide are YouTube, Facebook, Google, Gmail, WhatsApp web, Amazon, Hotmail, Netflix, translate, and traductor, which is “translate” in Spanish.