Priddy Ugly

Priddy Ugly has broken his silence following his defeat by rap rival Cassper Nyovest.
Images via Twitter

Priddy Ugly breaks silence after beatdown: ‘Accept your L’s’

‘Pick yourself up, dust your shoulders and work harder’: Priddy Ugly broke his silence following his boxing match loss to Cassper Nyovest.

Priddy Ugly

Priddy Ugly has broken his silence following his defeat by rap rival Cassper Nyovest.
Images via Twitter

A day after Cassper Nyovest wiped the floor with him, Priddy Ugly broke his silence, accepting defeat and the embarrassment that came with their boxing match on Saturday.

The rap rivals faced off in the Sun Bet Arena for another Celeb City weekend with Cassper being named the winner after just a minute in the ring.

The short-lived match was a trending topic on Twitter with many mocking Priddy Ugly and his lack of effort.


Following his stint in the boxing ring, Priddy Ugly shared his thoughts on the viral match on Twitter.

He posted in a series of tweets:

“Treat your losses as lessons. The thing about being public figures is that your wins, but mostly your losses are displayed for the world to see. With odds stacked against us, last night we fell, but the bounce back is where the character is built. Looking forward to the rise!”

“Survived the worst these last few months. Been tested & had my life on the line several times & we still pushed through & showed up. More than anything, I’m grateful for my family & the gift of life. Been extremely blessed & protected”

“As confidently as your take your wins, accept your L’s in the same manner, they are yours to keep, own them, learn from them & better yourself. The noise will be there, but ultimately it’s really about self. Pick yourself up, dust your shoulders & work harder – for you, not them”


Priddy Ugly also revealed his “greatest takeaways” from the match, which was deemed a “knockout” by the referee.

“You get in the ring, & the game plan goes out the window – maybe from adrenaline rush & the atmosphere in the arena, I don’t know.

 I never used my jab adequately, kept my distance, or created space between us. I didn’t move efficiently.

Kept way too low & didn’t have my guard up right – Exposing the flaws in my defence.

I never paced the fight, maybe I was too excited.

Never mind the weight difference, my opponent had more experience & was better prepared.

It was a clean victory for him”

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Following Priddy Ugly’s tweets conceding defeat, Cassper Nyovest expressed his respect and admiration for his opponent.

He tweeted in response: “Nothing but respect champ. Everyone can tweet but not everyone can step into those four corners. You did it for the love of boxing that we both share. People will be talking about the sport for a while because of our battle tonight. Glad you could get home safe with your family”.

Cassper also expressed interest in fighting both AKA and Nigerian muso Burna Boy next.


While Priddy Ugly was labelled a “loser” on the Twitter streets, many tweets respected his hard work, commitment to showing up, and his ability to acknowledge his loss.

Here’s what tweeps had to say:

@JustKeo_M: “Great sportsmanship. Build on this momentum”

@MakintsMind: “You’re a champ regardless. It takes guts, discipline, and good health to step up and fight!”

@ItukisengTloub1: “I love your attitude. It’s not about getting knocked down but how soon you get up afterward. In life, if you have that attitude, you’ll go far. Much respect to you

@MichaelBucwa: “Losing isn’t always the end, Sometimes it becomes the beginning. Failure is the opportunity to begin again intelligently”