Duduzane Zuma

Duduzane Zuma just posted a thirst trap and Mzansi is loving it. Images via Instagram: @zuma_duduzane

President bae? IG goes wild as Duduzane Zuma posts shirtless thirst trap

‘The leader that God has pointed’: Duduzane Zuma has raked in thousands of reactions online after he shared a snap of himself on the beach.

Duduzane Zuma

Duduzane Zuma just posted a thirst trap and Mzansi is loving it. Images via Instagram: @zuma_duduzane

Duduzane Zuma has definitely earned himself a spot as one of South Africa’s hotties and no amount of political drama can change that. Despite being the son of one of the most controversial former SA presidents, Duduzane continues to leave peeps drooling with his online content.

He has once again left many gushing after a snap of him posing on the beach made its way to social media app Twitter.

Duduzane Zuma goes shirtless, leaves netizens drooling

Over a year ago, Duduzane Zuma announced his plans to run for the presidency in the next few years. The news was met with mixed reactions from South Africans. People either welcomed the idea with open arms or laughed at the young man’s big dreams.

Most of the negative comments stem from the fact that he son of Jacob Zuma – a former South African president whose leadership skills gained him many critics.

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It is also good to mention how Duduzane Zuma’s lavish lifestyle is often frowned upon by his fellow South Africans who often question how it is funded.

Despite all of this, Duduzane continues to secure compliments from both men and women whenever photos of him go viral. In his latest Instagram post, Duduzane can be seen posing shirtless on a beach while holding on to a surfboard.

‘Our young president’

Needless to say, the ladies went wild in the comment section. Unsurprisingly, many people also wished Duduzane luck on his political journey. Here are some of their comments:

soenombulelo said:

“My everyday crush.”

Juliet Nyampenza asked:

“Is he married admin#askingforafriend.”

thandeka.sabela.52 said:

“The Leader That God has pointed”

Unfortunately for the ladies – and gents – in the comment section, young Zuma is married and definitely not on the market. We guess there’s no harm in wishful thinking though…

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