Kamo Mphela

Tweeps reckon Kamo Mphela should lose a few kilos after she posted her #TriggerDanceChallenge video. Image via Twitter @Kamomphelaxx

‘Pregnant with Cassper’s baby?’: Trolls body-shame Kamo Mphela [watch]

Dancer Kamo Mphela – who is reportedly dating Cassper Nyovest was body shamed after she posted her #TriggerDanceChallenge video.

Kamo Mphela

Tweeps reckon Kamo Mphela should lose a few kilos after she posted her #TriggerDanceChallenge video. Image via Twitter @Kamomphelaxx

Dancer Kamo Mphela – who is rumoured to be dating Cassper Nyovest – was trolled on Twitter yesterday (17 January) after she took part in the #TriggerDanceChallenge.

Tweeps stated that the choreographer gained a lot of weight and doesn’t move as she used to.

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Cassper Nyovest rumoured lover-  Kamo Mphela was recently trolled for her ‘slow dance moves in the #TriggerDanceChallenge.  

Mphela who became an internet celebrity after she posted a video of her dancing on her social media account seems to have put on some weight in the video she posted on Twitter yesterday.  

Her followers have advised her to lose some weight so she can move faster as she appeared to be slower than usual in the video.  

The dancer responded to her trolls on Twitter yesterday:

“I almost shed a tear, but I remembered I have international gigs waiting on me. Gains or not we still winning Danko.”  

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Kamo Mphela and rapper Cassper Nyovest trended last week when Podcast and Chill’s MacG claimed that Cassper Nyovest and Kamo Mphela are secret lovers.  

“He [Andile Mpisane] is allegedly smashing Cassper’s wife [Thobeka].”

“Cassper is smashing Kamo Mphela who he [Andile] was smashing. They swapped”.  

Twitter users are now alleging that Mphela is pregnant because of the weight gain in the #TriggerDanceChallenge.   

Cassper Nyovest rubbished the rumours made on the podcast:  

“Niggas really don’t give a f**k hey. I try my best to keep my family away from the bulls** and the lies but still.”

“The worst thing is you can’t do anything about it.”




“She can’t even dance anymore.”


“Yaz you might be onto something there, coz mina I would have never recognize her shem.” 


“We are trying to help. Obesity is not a good health state and not one to promote. It comes with serious long-term complications.”  


“I’m still hung on how she usually looked now it’s hard to cut and paste her.”

“The dancing looks awfully forced. She used to flow and sail nicely.”

“The weight is a factor but if she’s not bothered. Asdlule. But this was an awful video.”


“What’s her actual niche vele? Is she a dancer first, musician after or?”

“Because I see radical feminists talking about body shaming, forgetting that her body might just be her brand.” 


“That challenge is simple not this whole nonsense she’s doing, she must hit the gym fast.” 

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