Sindisiwe Manqele – the woman accused of killing muso Flabba – made an appearance on the Podcast And Chill show.
Image via YouTube screenshot: Podcast And Chill

‘No remorse’: Tweeps slam Flabba’s ‘killer girlfriend’ interview

How to get away with murder? Tweeps have slammed Flabba’s girlfriend Sindisiwe Manqele for her candid conversation on ‘Podcast And Chill’.


Sindisiwe Manqele – the woman accused of killing muso Flabba – made an appearance on the Podcast And Chill show.
Image via YouTube screenshot: Podcast And Chill

Sindisiwe Manqele – the girlfriend who stabbed and killed muso Nkululeko Habedi aka Flabba in 2015 – broke her silence on her own terms after making an appearance on Podcast And Chill on Monday afternoon.

The woman, who was recently released from prison after being granted parole, shared her version of what transpired on the fateful night the Skwatta Kamp hitmaker died in her arms.

But tweeps have slammed the woman for her candid approach and her “lack of remorse”.

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In May, the 32-year-old woman was granted parole after serving six years in jail for the death of Flabba. This, after she fatally stabbed him after a drunken night out in 2015.

Speaking to Podcast And Chill hosts MacG and Sol Phenduka, Sindiswe Manqele recounted the tragedy.

She also revealed that she would be delving into more detail in an upcoming documentary about Flabba’s life and death.

She said in part: “We were drunk and tempers were high…there was a bit of jealousy from his side. It just escalated, it took the wrong turn.

“I stabbed him”, she added.

Later on, Sindisiwe placed the blame on delayed ambulances for not saving the life of Flabba. She continued: “He was alive for like an hour [after the stabbing], but the ambulance took long, like two hours to come”.

In another clip, Sindisiwe seemingly voiced her annoyance at her parole conditions.

She added: “You’re not allowed to drink, you’re not allowed to go out at night or to places that sell alcohol. So it’s still like you’re under their care”.


Soon after the interview, Podcast And Chill and Flabba became trending topics on Twitter.

Many South Africans voiced their anger and disapproval of Sindisiwe’s candid appearance – and at times laughter – during the interview. Others chastised her for “cashing in” on Flabba’s death with a documentary.

Here’s what tweeps had to say

@EarlOfGC: “Flabba’s murderer being given a platform & it just laughs like that man ain’t lost his life. Damn”

@Pitsere: “A man’s life is worth nothing in this country! I am triggered! This is spitting in the faces of the Habedis. Flabba’s life was taken away and people are having a laugh about it. People are casually doing PR for their documentary to make cash while someone died in cold blood!”

@Pitsere: “This woman murdered Flabba just 6 years ago and everyone is having a laugh about how she got away with murder! Fok! No remorse, VOKOL!”

@Papa_Kia: “She never apologised or showed remorse during the interview. Moghel is there to promote her documentary”

@Sonti19045302: “Can’t families of the deceased put a stop to this documentary? Because this is so triggering. Not only did she kill him she is making money out of it!”


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Like many tweeps, muso Nota Baloyi felt annoyed at Sindisiwe casually talking about Flabba’s death during her interview.

The outspoken Twitter personality ripped apart her version of events and even compared her “leniency” to male celebs behind bars like Paralympian Oscar Pistorius and rapper Brickz.

He tweeted: “How did she accidentally grab a knife & stab him to death? The court said it wasn’t self defence but because she’s a woman she was given a light sentence… That’s the price of a black man’s life!”