Black Coffee

Black Coffee is the latest celebrity guest on Podcast and Chill with MacG and Sol Phenduka.
Images via Twitter

SPOILER! What to expect on Black Coffee’s Podcast & Chill show

Can’t wait a week to watch Black Coffee’s interview on Podcast and Chill? Here are a few spoilers to whet your attitude…

Black Coffee

Black Coffee is the latest celebrity guest on Podcast and Chill with MacG and Sol Phenduka.
Images via Twitter

If you’re a loyal chiller with a paid subscription to Podcast and Chill or splashed the cash to watch it on the big screen, you’re probably bursting with spoilers from MacG and crew’s interview with Black Coffee.

For everyone else, you’ll have to wait another week until the exclusive sit-down hits the show’s YouTube channel.

But if the wait is too much to handle, take a look at what you can expect to hear on the show…

*Warning: Spoilers ahead *


Grammy success

During the episode, Black Coffee discussed his momentous Grammys win in 2022 for his album Subconsciously in the category of Best Dance/Electronic.

He also spoke at length about his successful career as a world-class DJ who has rubbed shoulders with some of the biggest stars.

According to Tshisalive, he said of his Grammys: “It’s still in the box. It is great for one’s resume, it is great for open conversation, it is great for anything I want to do outside making music”.

Beef with Zakes and AKA

It’s a well-known fact that Black Coffee had beef in the industry with both Zakes Bantwini – who also recently won a Grammy, and AKA, who recently died.

However, the DJ revealed that he had reconciled with both.

Of the fellow Grammy award winner, he said: “Zakes said one of the most profound things about our fallout. He says: ‘We are not the same people we were when we had our fallout. We want different things now. Whatever was a problem them is not a problem now’”.

In 2016, a video of Black Coffee slapping AKA’s manager Tshisamo Letshwene at a gig in Polokwane went viral on social media.

However, the star admitted that it was a lapse in judgement. He said during the episode: 

“It shouldn’t have happened. I reached out to the guy the next day. It was a low point.”

While Black Coffee’s Podcast and Chill episode was filmed before AKA’s death, he tweeted that he had made things right with Super Mega himself.

Life after divorce

Surprisingly, Black Coffee steered clear of dragging his ex through any drama on the show.

He did mention that he had sought therapy to better himself.