Rebekah Vardy and Peter Andre

Peter Andre has shared his views on Rebekah Vardy’s comment about his manhood. Image via @beckyvardy, @peterandre?Instagram

‘Wagatha Christie’: Peter Andre sizes up Vardy’s ‘chipolata’ manhood jibe

Football WAG Rebekah Vardy’s degrading ‘chipolata’ jibe about Peter Andre’s manhood, loomed large in the ‘Wagatha Christie’ trial…

Rebekah Vardy and Peter Andre

Peter Andre has shared his views on Rebekah Vardy’s comment about his manhood. Image via @beckyvardy, @peterandre?Instagram

English singer and TV presenter Peter Andre has broken his silence following the comment reality TV star Rebekah Vardy made about his manhood 15 years ago.

During the Wagatha Christie trial, Rebekah – who is the wife of Leicester City star Jamie Vardy – was asked about the “miniature chipolata” comment she made about Andre’s penis size in an interview with the News of the World back in 2004.

The pair had shared a night of passion during Vardy’s marriage with her first husband, Mark Godden. Their encounter was followed by a degrading comment by Vardy about the size of Andre’s manhood.

According to Andre it had negative effect on his life, making him the “butt of all jokes” for a lengthy 15 years.

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Taking to his Instagram, the TV personality spoke about Vardy’s claim, explaining how he took the heat for 15 years.

“I’m just going to put it out. I’ve taken it for 15 years. 15 years this has been going on and I kept quiet and I didn’t say anything, and I let everyone have their laugh and I let everyone say what they wanted to say,” he said.

He went on to address the double standards, saying had it been a man saying something similar about a woman, there would’ve been outrage.

“Just think how it feels that if a man – or if I had said this – about her anatomy, or a man had said something about a woman’s anatomy, and made up something – you can use your imagination of saying something very unflattering – there would be outrage.

“But, because it’s been said about me, it’s been the butt of all jokes, I’ve taken it for 15 years, some of you are going to say, ‘Oh get over it’ or whatever.”

Andre also expressed his annoyance with the fact that this is being brought up in the High Court, saying it already went out to four million people in 2004.

“… It goes to a lot more than four million people, and it’s brought up again. I’ll be laughing about it for a while, but, think about how it would feel if it was the other way around, that’s all I’m saying,” he concluded.


Meanwhile, the Independent reported that Vardy admitted during the trial that she regrets making that comment.

Vardy was asked if she respected the privacy of others as Coleen Rooney’s lawyer questioned her about the 2004 interview that carried the headline: ‘Peter’s hung like a small chipolata, shaved, slobbery, lasts five minutes.’

“There’s a lot of things in there that did not come out of my mouth that were misrepresented in the circumstances around that article I’m deeply sorry for. It’s shameful reading that, and one of my biggest regrets,” Vardy said.

She told the High Court on Friday she had sent Andre and his wife “personal messages a couple of years ago” to address the comments made in the News of the World article.

Vardy and Rooney are going up against each other in a £3 million (R59.7 million) libel case which involves allegations of “fake stories” about Rooney being leaked to The Sun newspaper in 2019.