Pearl Thusi

Is Pearl Thusi holidaying with the Chief? Images via Twitter: @pearlthusi/gabrieltemudzani

Did Pearl Thusi snub Mr Smeg to canoodle Gabriel Temudzane in Dubai?

SA thinks Pearl Thusi ditched poor Mr Smeg on Valentine’s Day to live her best life with ‘Muvhango’ actor Gabriel Temudzane in Dubai.

Pearl Thusi

Is Pearl Thusi holidaying with the Chief? Images via Twitter: @pearlthusi/gabrieltemudzani

Most of Mzansi was very disappointed when actress Pearl Thusi could not make it for her Valentine’s Day date with influencer Mr Smeg.

The pair went viral last week after their National Lunch Date was streamed on YouTube – soon after that, there was a National Valentine’s Day date that everyone was looking forward to. The anticipated plans fell through when Pearl cancelled the date.

Many of her fans are now speculating that she ditched Smeg to spend a holiday with Muvhango actor, Gabriel Temudzane who is currently celebrating his birthday there.

Did Pearl skip a date with Mr Smeg to cuddle up to Gabriel Temudzane in Dubai?

Watching Pearl Thusi enjoying a lunch date with Mr Smeg was a lot of fun for a lot of Twitter users.

So when Mr Smeg asked Pearl to be his Valentine and then agreed to go on a date, a lot of locals got their popcorn ready to watch.

The bubble was burst by the Isono actress who said that she had a business meeting to attend in Dubai. She also briefly complained about the Dubai airport and how hectic it is.

Her fans didn’t buy her excuse though, so after a little investigating, they wondered whether she actually ditched Smeg to spend time with Gabriel Temudzane who is currently living his best birthday life in Dubai.

The comment section erupts

Many people started asking the 33-year-old whether or not the speculations are true. She responded to the questions by basically saying that she doesn’t know Gabriel who is better known by his Muvhango character name, Chief Vhafuwi Azwindini.

“Uban lo? (Who is this?'” she responded to one curious Tweep.

Needless to say, the speculations continued as Gabriel shared more snaps from his lush vacay.

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