Nota Baloyi Pearl Thusi

Pearl Thusi just slammed Nota Baloyi. Image via Twitter @PearlThusi

Pearl Thusi accused of sour Grammy grapes after shading DJ Black Coffee

‘I don’t take the Grammys too seriously,’ wrote Pearl Thusi in the tweet that led many to believe she’s jealous of Black Coffee’s win.

Nota Baloyi Pearl Thusi

Pearl Thusi just slammed Nota Baloyi. Image via Twitter @PearlThusi

South African actress Pearl Thusi definitely chose the wrong time to throw shade at the Grammy Awards and if she didn’t know it then, she sure knows it now. The Isono star was accused of being jealous of local musician Black Coffee who recently won the prestigious award after she made some scathing comments about the Grammys on Twitter.

As expected, many South Africans asked Thusi to take several seats until she is able to win a Grammy of her own.

Pearl Thusi accused of being jealous after shading the Grammys

Pearl Thusi has once again found herself in the midst of a social media storm after making a few negative comments about the Grammy Awards ceremony.

According to Thusi, the award ceremony “shouldn’t be taken too seriously”. Her comments come after Nigerian musician Wizkid failed to bag a Grammy for himself.

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“Wiz not winning a Grammy is just another reason I kinda don’t take the Grammys too seriously. It’s a celebratory/fun show with cool statues.

African artists have proved they don’t need them but they’re nice to have. But also I could be wrong. That’s just me… all love,” she wrote.

Mzansi is not happy

While Thusi obviously wanted tweeps to believe she was disappointed by Wiz not winning, many of them believe the comment was unnecessary because Black Coffee – an African artist – just won the award.

Needless to say, she was severely slammed as people dragged her for being jealous. Here are some of their comments:

@JanVanPotgieter said:

“Black Coffee wins the highest honor in Music and all of a sudden u have some to say about Grammy’s?? This might be jealous of you knowing you will never win the highest honor in acting which is an Oscar award. So rest sestere!! Grammys don’t care about your input.”

@tnmaunye said:

“Black Cofee won and Trevor hosted. Are you worried about someone else from a different country? Let’s celebrate our own.”

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