Pearl Thusi

Pearl Thusi has some questions about the bible. Image via Instagram @pearlthusi.

‘Did God ask Mary for permission’: Pearl Thusi sparks big biblical debate

Pearl Thusi opened a big discussion about God and the bible after wondering out loud whether Mary gave her permission to be impregnated.

Pearl Thusi

Pearl Thusi has some questions about the bible. Image via Instagram @pearlthusi.

South African actress Pearl Thusi recently sparked a controversial biblical debate on Twitter after trying to get some insight into the birth of Jesus and how God and Mary navigated the situation. Taking to the app, the Isono actress wondered out loud whether or not God asked Mary for her permission before her miracle pregnancy with baby Jesus.

The post received various reactions from South Africans who shared their thoughts on the matter.

Pearl Thusi shares some questions about Mary and God

Pearl Thusi is known to be very vocal about her thoughts and feeling on the social media app Twitter. The star has found herself in hot water a number of times over her views and opinions but she continues to share her thoughts.

This time, the actress decided to open up her comment section for a debate on whether God based the virgin Mary for her permission before he planted the seed of Jesus inside her.

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“A controversial take…Did God ask Mary for permission? Like this thought has me so messed up right now. Like love God and im Christiaan essentially so im scared as I type this even.

So because he’s God we not questioning it, right? (Don’t drag me- im really just asking)” she wrote.

Various answers are given

The post received a high number of responses from people who shared their thought on her question. A number of them admitted that they too had wondered about it before.

Others however slammed the whole concept of God and the bible as a whole.

@RealDMK_SA said

“Pearl, I respect your take, you are entitled to it. Here is a controversial question, DID THE MARY STORY REALLY HAPPEN? In fact, did all the things in the bible happen? I mean they say Solom had 700 wives and 300 concubines?????????????‍♂️. Niggas lived to be 800years in the bible????????”

@MpotiDz said:

“He did not ask for permission. since he created all of us, did he ask you to choose whether you wanted to be male or female? God does not account to us.”

@KosanaLoyiso said:

“Unpacking the bible and reading to understand will leave you questioning God. A scary journey.”

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