Pearl Thusi

Pearl Thusi Image via Twitter @PearlThusi

Gin up! Pearl Thusi acquires stake in premium alcohol brand

Pearl Thusi is following in her bestie DJ Zinhle’s footsteps and made a bold entrance into the alcohol industry announcing that she has acquired ownership equity in a local gin brand.

Pearl Thusi

Pearl Thusi Image via Twitter @PearlThusi

Pearl Thusi is joining close friend and mom-of-two DJ Zinhle in the alcohol business, after she took to social media today to share that she has acquired ownership equity in a local gin brand, Black Rose Gin.

The Queen Sono actress says this is a huge milestone for her and she is eager to celebrate the achievement with her fans.

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Pearl Thusi has conquered television and now she is conquering the alcohol business. The 33-year-old actress notes that the first time she tasted Black Rose Gin, she knew it was special. The premium gin brand was founded in February 2018.

“It’s so smooth and has a unique natural botanical mix that create the special variants – and you know I’m all about being premium but always keeping it natural and authentic.”

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It is no secret that Pearl Thusi turned her love for beauty into business and created a haircare brand called Black Pearl, which is a collaboration between her and Afro Botanics. The brand was formulated using natural ingredients to help with hair growth. 

The star actress also has shares in Humanz, an AI-powered influencer marketing platform. Having recently left BET’s Behind The Story, she seems to be focusing her attention on growing her businesses.

Black Rose Gin notes that Pearl Thusi is bringing a creative, entrepreneurial and marketing savvy to their brand. 

“We would like to thank Pearl for believing in Black Rose and look forward to her sharing a Black Rose cocktail with you all! We’re getting ready to shake things up, hope you ready for the ride,” writes Black Rose Gin. 


Standing firm in the alcohol industry herself as the CEO of Boulevard Nectar Rosé, Pearl Thusi’s bestie DJ Zinhle took to Twitter to congratulate Pearl on her new business venture. 

“I’m so inspired by how hard-working my friends are, wishing you all the success my Pearly… It’s gonna be a great summer.”