pearl thusi

Pearl Thusi.
Image via Twitter

Pearl Thusi slammed as an attention seeker after tweeting ‘Cyril hates us’

Pearl Thusi, like many others, has slammed Ramaphosa. Some people wonder if she is looking for attention or genuinely outraged.

pearl thusi

Pearl Thusi.
Image via Twitter

South Africans are quickly becoming fed up with how things are going at the moment. Issues such as load shedding, lack of service delivery, and corruption have plagued the country for quite some time now and many locals just can’t keep quiet anymore. One of the many people who have spoken out against President Cyril Ramaphosa and his party the ANC (African National Congress) is local actress Pearl Thusi.

Pearl’s tweet, however, received mixed reactions from people who wonder whether she is genuinely concerned or simply seeking attention and relevance.

Pearl Thusi slams Ramaphosa

People have absolutely had it with the ruling party and the lack of service delivery and this has been clear every day.

On Tuesday this week, South African actress Pearl Thusi joined the many other sick and tired locals who have called the president out for his lack of action against problems such as load shedding and high levels of crime among a number of other issues.

Taking to the bluebird app on Tuesday, Pearl wrote:

“Cyril hates us”–pearl-thusi-unimpressed-with-ramaphosas-energy-plan%2F

The post came shortly after Ramaphosa addressed the nation to discuss the ANC’s plans to combat the country’s electricity crisis.

“We are cutting red tape that has made it difficult for Eskom to buy [the necessary equipment] for repairs,” Ramaphosa said. 

His words were not enthusiastically invited by South Africans who expressed their discontent with his lackluster solutions.

Meanwhile, was she attention seeking?

While Pearl is not the only person who has called the president out, her post did receive quite a bit of backlash.

@thabomotsoeneng said:

“I am sure you want to trend namhlanje..:laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

@robert Abraham’s said:

“This is what we don’t need. Celebrities voice their controversial, sometimes radical opinions. With legions of easily swayed followers, it has the capacity to cause upheaval. One should be cautious :warning:.”

@mrpianoman said:

“You need to trend neh….South Africa has a problem of attention seekers

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