Pabi Moloi denies ever getting married to Ruan Adams. Images via Twitter: @pabimoloi

‘Get your bag, king’: SA men support Ruan as he guns for Pabi’s millions

‘It’s time the tables get turned’: SA men are supporting Ruan Adams as he demands R8.5k spousal support and half of Pabi Moloi’s estate.


Pabi Moloi denies ever getting married to Ruan Adams. Images via Twitter: @pabimoloi

South African men appear to have no mercy for local media personality Pabi Moloi who is currently fighting to keep her multimillion-rand estate intact. According to reports, Pabi is denying that she married her long-term partner and child’s father, Ruan Adams, who is now demanding half of her money and monthly spousal support as they have split.

Hundreds of Mzansi men have shared their support for Ruan who they think deserves every cent he is asking for.

Mzansi men show support for Ruan Adams as he demands half of Pabi Moloi’s estate

For many years, women seemingly have been the ones benefitting greatly from their divorces.

While some women walked always with houses and cars, others gained millions from their ex-husbands who were forced to fork out the money as part of their separation terms.

It appears the table has turned for former Trending SA host Pabi Moloi who is currently fighting against sharing her estate with Ruan Adams who claims the two got married in April 2016.

According to Ruan, he paid R25 000 lobola for Pabi who he later wed in a traditional ceremony.

Pabi however, says that she was never married to him.

Since then, many locals have shared their thoughts on Pabi’s situation with many men siding with Ruan who they say deserves to get half of everything and the R8500 spousal support he is allegedly demanding.

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SA says his demands ‘make sense’

@juniourmaruwa wrote:

“It sounds to me like Ruan Adams has gotten accustomed to a certain lifestyle, so his demanding spousal support and half of the estate makes sense. Get your bags king, Pabi Moloi will have to hold to that I’m afraid.”

@ozalwoua wrote:

“I like this Pabi Moloi situation. Man’s been out here representing us very well. It’s about time tables be turned. I was hoping feminists will be happy that this is equality they’re always talking about. Kodwa Nah… they’re nowhere to be found. #Aykhale#IStandWithRuanAdams”

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