Dineo ranaka mental health

South African radio personality Dineo Ranaka. Image via Instagram @dineoranaka.

‘Overwhelmed with anxiety’: Dineo Ranaka discusses poor mental health

‘I feel like I can’t breathe,’ wrote Dineo who shares that she is dealing with a lot of anxiety shortly after her viral Sechaba Thole rant.

Dineo ranaka mental health

South African radio personality Dineo Ranaka. Image via Instagram @dineoranaka.

Dineo Ranaka recently started trending after she was recorded yelling at a man who she was apparently dating. The clip went viral as many accused the media personality of being a “verbal abuser”. She has now spoken out about having festive anxiety and constantly worrying about her parenting skills.

Dineo Ranaka says she has festive anxiety

A lot of people slammed radio host and reality TV star Dineo Ranaka after she was recorded going on a rant. In a clip that have since been widely circulated, Dineo verbally attacks Sechaba Thole, a man who she appears to have been seeing briefly after her divorce.

She has since taken to Instagram to discuss how the festive season has impacted her mental health:

“Right now I’m overwhelmed by anxiety travelling to a country I’ve never been to DJ. Will they like my track selection? Will they connect with my energy? It’s my first gig out of the country, have I done enough to prepare for my set?”

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Mom guilt

“Then there are my children. My babies. My three little treasures. The 1st K, the 2nd K and the 3rd K. There’s overwhelming guilt of not spending Christmas with them. Will they hold this against me? Will they be okay emotionally? Do they not feel neglected?”

“And there’s my parents, grandmother, nieces, as well as siblings that help look after my Cubs. What of their needs?” said the radio presenter.

She also went on to say that her anxiety is so bad that she feels like she can’t breathe, adding that she is doing all she can to keep herself sane at this time.

“I feel like I can’t breathe. I feel like I’m losing control of all my bearings but I’m trying my best to keep my anxiety under control.”

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