Britney Spears, fans, speculation, controlled

Oops she did it again! Britney’s latest social media post leaves fans speculating. Image: Instagram @britneyspears

Oops, she did it again! Britney Spears’ latest video has fans worried

Speculation is running rampant since a now deleted video shows Britney Spears baring it all. Many believe she is still being controlled.

Britney Spears, fans, speculation, controlled

Oops she did it again! Britney’s latest social media post leaves fans speculating. Image: Instagram @britneyspears

Oops, the Hold me Closer singer, Britney Spears has done it again. And fans are more worried than ever.

In a recent now removed video, the singer shared a topless video of herself dancing in the shower.

And in another video, Spears gets on a plane to New York, but fan’s aren’t having it; some claiming that the singer might still be controlled and are not posting the videos herself.


The 41-year Spears recently took to Instagram to share a revealing video of herself dancing topless in the shower, sparking rumours among fans that she is still being controlled despite having the conservatorship removed.

In the now deleted video, the pop star can be seen wearing nothing but red bikini bottoms, covering her breasts with her hands and moving to the LL Cool J song, ‘Doing’ It’.

“41 and finally expressing my freedom has never felt better!!! Learning to love myself has become my passion this year… I’d rather be in my skin than wear my skin!!!”, the pop princess captioned the video. 

According to MailOnline, the video received a mixed response from 41.6M fans, with some encouraging her and others wondering whether her social media is being controlled.

YouTube star Freelee Banana Girl also expressed her concern: ‘With videos like this watch out the conservatorship may make a come back,’ she wrote, referring to Britney’s 13-year-long conservatorship, which ended on November 2021, as reported by MailOnline.

Not everyone is concerned however. Longtime friend Paris Hilton however loved the post, commenting: “#Sliving sis”. She also added a flame emoji.

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A still image from the now deleted video Britney Spears posted to Instagram. Image: Instagram @britneyspears


Since her release from conservatorship, Spears has posted many similar videos to Instagram.

But it’s this latest post that is causing concern among fans.

In the post Spears and be seen getting onto a plane, supposedly on her way to New York city. Her hubby Sam Asghari (28) also makes a brief appearance.

She captioned the video: “New York City here I come !!! How about them apples 🍏🍏🍏🍏🍎🍎🍎 ???”, leaving fans speculating if the video is actually made in real-time. Rumours have been running rampant with many fans believing that someone else is responsible for Spear’s social media.

“Why does the initial clip on the plane look like green screen? Really don’t want to be a conspiracy theorist but wth? The whole thing is weird,” one fan commented.

Another fan agrees, posting: “Ths is once again old content. TO THOSE SAYING ITS BRITNEY POSTING, you should really do some research. They are editing old videos and posting again and again. Go down the 🐇👌 it will open your eyes. #whereisbritney.”

“Idk yall, I’ve been legit comparing pics and clips of original Brit to now Brit…idk if anyone else has done the same…but original Brit had style, class, a sparkle in her eye and a radiant, non gapped, smile. Whoever this now Brit is, it’s like she’s stuck on a broken record of hip swaying, pulling her pant loops down, tossing her hair….with no ability to apply her make up nicely. I get that Brit has been thru hell and back….but jeepers y’all…at some point anyone will start asking hard questions,” another comment by a follower reads.

According to reports, Spears’ husband recently spoke up about her decision to step back from Instagram. In a recent Instagram Story, he requested that fans of Britney respect her privacy, at this time, as per MailOnline.

‘Social media can be traumatizing. Sometimes it’s good to take a break. She has her voice and is a free woman. I have respect for her privacy and I protect it at all times,’ he wrote.

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