Faith Nketsi is back on Twitter

Faith Nketsi is back on Twitter. Image via Twitter @FaiithNketsi

Back like she never left: SA baddie Faith Nketsi is back online

It looks like Faith Nketsi has forgiven SA men for ‘hating’ their women. She is back online and flaunting her famous curves.

Faith Nketsi is back on Twitter

Faith Nketsi is back on Twitter. Image via Twitter @FaiithNketsi

South African reality TV star Faith Nketsi is back on Twitter. The star took a short hiatus from the app after reports claimed that she had left her husband Nzuzo Njilo who is also alleged to be broke. While Faith denied leaving her home, she was also called out by social media users for what they believed to be inappropriate pictures with local rapper DA L.E.S.

Before taking a break from social media, she tweeted about how South African men hate women.

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Faith Nketsi comes back online

It’s been a busy few weeks for rapper and TV star Faith Nketsi.

The former Pro-Twerkers group leader made headlines after a source told reporters that she has up and left her husband.

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According to the source, faith moved out of her marital home after she was forced to sell her car and other furniture to help pay off her husband’s debt.

The statements come after Nzuzo was accused of fraud and other money-related crimes.

Shortly after the reports, Nketsi was photographed with local rapper Da L.E.S who according to some, was holding her inappropriately.

Faith Nketsi
Photo of Da L.E.S and Faith Nketsi raises eyebrows. Images via Instagram: @2freshles, @mrcashtime

The photos resulted in the reality TV star trending on Twitter again as they discussed her marriage.

It appears it was all too much for Faith who then dashed off the app and deactivated her account.

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Back at it

She is back online and sharing her usual sultry photos.

The star shared two photos of herself wearing a pink bodycon dress which left millions of fans drooling over her.

Many of them likened her to the Disney animation character Tinker Bell.

Take a look at her post below:

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