ntsiki mazwai hair

Nitsiki Mazwai says that black men cut their hair to hide their blackness. Image via @miss_ntsiki_mazwai/Instagram

Ntsiki Mazwai loses case against DJ Euphonik, ordered to pay costs

Ntsiki Mazwai is to fork out more money after losing a case of defamation against DJ Euphonik on Thursday 10 March.

ntsiki mazwai hair

Nitsiki Mazwai says that black men cut their hair to hide their blackness. Image via @miss_ntsiki_mazwai/Instagram

Controversial media personality Ntsiki Mazwai, on Sunday 6 March, celebrated settling a R200 000 fine after losing a court case against DJ Fresh. And now she has to pay yet another DJ – Themba ‘DJ Euphonik’ Nkosi.

Taking to her Twitter account the poet wrote, “I finished paying the one djs R200 000 this week. Now the other dj…… I’m starting to party…. Because I f**ken deserve it.”

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According to TimesLIVE, the Johannesburg High Court made a final ruling regarding an interdict DJ Euphonik applied for against Ntsiki Mazwai in March 2021.

In the ruling, the Uwrong hitmaker was ordered to pay all costs related to the application. The interdict prohibited her from continuing to defame the DJ on and off social media. This after she called him a “rapist” on social media in 2020.

“If you wanna see the other rapists, watch who is rallying behind other rapists. When DJs put each other on the line-ups, it’s like an invitation to a rapethe- groupies party,” she had written in 2020.

The tweet was in reference to DJ Black Coffee’s decision to invite DJ Euphonik to perform at his birthday party.

While making the determination, the Judge highlighted that Ntsiki was “no stranger to this type of litigation” and “has already been restrained from making similar public statements” — this according to TimesLIVE

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All of this began in 2020 when Ntsiki shared a list to Twitter called “the rape list” where both DJs’ names appeared. This was followed by allegations made by Twitter user @Nampree against the two popular DJs in 2021. In her tweets she accused DJ Euphonik and DJ Fresh (Thato Sikwane) of drugging and rapping her and three other women.

In light of this, Ntsiki, in support of the alleged victim, tweeted defamatory utterances about both DJs who later took her to court.

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