Ntsiki anele kelly

Ntsiki Mazwai is defending Anele on Twitter. Images via Twitter: @ntsikimazwai/@anele

Ntsiki Mazwai defends Anele Mdoda as Kelly Rowland touches down in SA

‘You guys bullied her so much she even lost weight’: Ntsiki Mazwai jumps to Anele Mdoda’s defence as Kelly Rowland visits Mzansi.

Ntsiki anele kelly

Ntsiki Mazwai is defending Anele on Twitter. Images via Twitter: @ntsikimazwai/@anele

South African Twitter has not rested ever since US singer Kelly Rowland announced that she is currently in the country. Many locals immediately started warning media personality and radio host Anele Mdoda who has are still being dragged for calling Kelly ugly almost two years ago.

It appears controversial activist, musician and poet Ntsiki Mazwai is ready to defend Anele with all her might and hasn’t stopped tweeting about how much better Anele is than Kelly.

Ntsiki Mawzai stands with Anele as Kelly visits Mzansi

It appears South African Twitter users will never forgive The Breakfast Show radio host Anele for calling Kelly Rowland ugly. Both stars are currently trending after Kelly shared on Thursday that she touched down in South Africa.

Once again, Anele is being dragged for her thoughts on Kelly, and human rights activist Ntsiki Mazwai is clearly sick of all the cyberbullying that Anele is being forced to endure.

“You guys bullied this girl so much she even lost weight to try to keep up…”

“Why do you guys grovel for Kelly Rowland??? Does she give you pocket money?” Ntsiki first asked. She then went on to say:

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Not stopping there, Ntsiki also argued that Anele was on a “higher level” than Kelly in terms of career. According to her, Kelly was simply Beyonce’s backup singer when they were part of Destiny’s Child.

Mzansi defends Kelly till the end

Despite Ntsiki’s efforts to defend Anele, many South Africans said that it was Anele’s own fault that she was being dragged since she basically attacked Kelly unprovoked.

One Twitter user, @FinalBoss300 offered this explanation for the Anele/Kelly madness in SA:

“Ever since the Anele situation, we have just been in anticipation for the day Kelly confronts Anele over that nasty online comment.”

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