Ntombi Mzolo and daughter Linile

Ntombi Mzolo and daughter Linile
Image via Instagram

Ntombi Mzolo shares heartbreaking pics of daughter’s memorial

Actress and TV personality Ntombi Mzolo shared pics from her daughter Linile’s makeshift memorial following her death this week…

Ntombi Mzolo and daughter Linile

Ntombi Mzolo and daughter Linile
Image via Instagram

Ntombi Mzolo is mourning the death of her daughter who tragically died in a car crash this week…

The actress and media personality shared the sad news on Instagram in a post which had fans completely devastated.

“Heaven has gained another angel”, she said of three year-old Linile Vunani who celebrated her birthday just three weeks ago.

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According to the Daily Sun, Ntombi Zolo’s daughter died in a fatal crash on Tuesday.

The Lekunutu host told the publication: “We’re traumatized and still trying to accept her death. It was a traumatic time for my family, so I can’t even explain how I feel right now, but through God’s grace we are getting stronger.”

The award-winning presenter also shared pics of a makeshift memorial on her Instagram Stories. In the posts, flowers and candles surround pictures of the little, accompanied by a wooden cross with her name on it. The memorial appears to be on the side of a road.

Ntombi Mzolo shared pics from a makeshift memorial belonging to her daughter Linile who died in car crash this week

Ntombi also posted a video of a tribute done by an unnamed preschool where learners released dozens of white balloons into the air.

“Until we meet again angel,” she captioned the heartbreaking post.

Ntombee Mzolo posted pics of a tribute to her daughter Linile who died in a car crash this week


And sadly for Ntombi Mzolo, her daughter’s passing opens old wounds – her newborn son Dunami tragically died in 2015 after she experienced complications during her pregnancy.

According to doctors, the left side of the baby’s heart was not functioning properly.

She told Drum magazine: “believe God gave us borrowed time with our little boy. He lived for 28 days and then passed away.

“I remember praying the day before he passed on, asking God to let His will be done. If He was allowing our child to live because of our prayers, then we’re letting him go because he was in pain, he was not okay. The following day, he passed.”

Ntombi has one remaining child – a daughter she shares with husband Sizwe Mzolo.