Ntando Duma

Actress Ntando Duma. Image via Instagram

LOOK: Ntando Duma’s ‘short’ funeral skirt PLUS other ‘questionable’ outfits

Actress Ntando Duma riled people up with her ‘short’ skirt at Shona Ferguson’s funeral on 4 August. But it seems she has a thing for skimpy outfits. We’ve rounded up a few…

Ntando Duma

Actress Ntando Duma. Image via Instagram

Ntando Duma recently left many South Africans displeased after she showed up at Shona Ferguson’s funeral rocking what many considered a “too short” skirt. Fast-forward to this week and we’re taking a look at the actress’s most popular and very sexy Instagram outfits.

Ntando Duma gets all the wrong attention

On 4 August this year, South African actor and producer Shona Ferguson was laid to rest. As expected, the service had many prominent entertainment industry figures in attendance. One such person was South African actress Ntando Duma.

Taking to her Twitter page later that day, Ntando shared a snap of herself in the outfit she wore to the funeral and one local tweep was far from impressed.

“Kodwa, your skirt is too short for such an occasion. Couldn’t you wear something more fitting for a lady under the circumstances? Or you want attention even at a funeral,” wrote MaMshefane after spotting the snaps.

Ntando wasn’t having it and quickly shut the young woman down by saying:

“Anikhathali ne (I don’t have the time hey). Not today Madam. Try someone else.”

Naturally, everyone else started adding their two cents’ worth to the debate. Others even criticised her for taking snaps at what should be considered a heartbreaking occasion.

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A look into the actress’s usual style file

While people were divided by whether or not the skirt was really too short, a quick look at Ntando’s Instagram reveals that the local beauty doesn’t mind showing off her assets.

When her tops aren’t low cut, her skirts are super short. Guess she loves showing off what her momma gave her.

Some of the raunchiest snaps on Ntando Duma’s Instagram:

The first snap that immediately catches the eye must be this one. Ntando Duma is wearing a skirt that barely covers all the necessary parts and honestly begs the question, how on Earth does she function in this outfit?!

In the next snap, Ntando definitely looks all sorts of cute but she certainly isn’t holding back on the modesty:

Seems super short skirts are definitely her thing. Here the actress pairs a mini-skirt with a hot pink leather jacket and some high-heeled ankle boots:

Ànd lastly the snap that seemed to have the most tongues wagging has got to be this one, and after one glance, it isn’t hard to tell why:

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