Ntando Duma

Ntando Duma is a big EFF supporter. Image via Instagram: @dumantando

Ntando Duma dons her red scarf while campaigning for EFF in North West

Ntando Duma continues to fly the EFF flag high. She was spotted at the party’s North West campaign and once again caused a buzz online.

Ntando Duma

Ntando Duma is a big EFF supporter. Image via Instagram: @dumantando

South African actress Ntando Duma has never shied away from showing her support for the Economic Freedom Fighters. Despite the fact that she always catches smoke over the fact that she is open about which party she supports – she has once again headed online to share a snap of herself campaigning for the party in the North West recently.

Ntando Duma poses in her EFF attire

Over the years Ntando Duma has been criticised heavily by her fellow South Africans for openly supporting EFF. According to many people she was paid to act like a member of the party.

Responding to criticism for supporting the party she said:

“Your guys’ obsession with me and my affiliation with the EFF is now starting to become extremely weary. To even write an entire paragraph with groundless & unjustified facts.

But if this puts bread on your table, then who the hell am I to make you starve. Idla. Ungalambi mntase,” TshisaLive reports.

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She doesn’t seem to care however and has continued to show her loyalty to the EFF. On Sunday 10 October, the actress headed to her Instagram to share snaps of herself wearing an EFF scarf while campaigning with the party in the North West. She captioned her post:

“Ya! San’bona ma Fighter!”

The EFF also shared a video of the actress on Twitter in which she can be heard addressing crowds of people while shouting “viva” and asking them to vote for the EFF on 1 November.

Ntando was there alongside actor Cornet Mamabolo and performer Uncle Vinny who helped her hype the excited crowd while they waited to be addressed by party leader Julius Malema.

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