Cassper Nyovest and Nota Baloyi

Cassper Nyovest and Nota Baloyi. Images via Instagram @casspernyovest/Canva

Nota Baloyi claims that Cassper has nothing now after AKA’s death

Many, including Nota Baloyi, believe that Cassper Nyovest would gradually become less relevant now that the Supa Mega is dead.

Cassper Nyovest and Nota Baloyi

Cassper Nyovest and Nota Baloyi. Images via Instagram @casspernyovest/Canva

Nota Baloyi shared his thoughts on Cassper Nyovest’s career after the death of AKA, saying the star will no longer be relevant now that AKA is gone.

In some ways, the battle between Cassper Nyovest and AKA kept South African hip-hop alive. If the charts weren’t heating up with their rivalry-inspiring songs, the timelines were certainly chowing down on their diss tracks.

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Nota Baloyi said that “Cassper is the one who has lost the most out of all of this because that rivalry was what fuelled his career”

He continued, “But now he’s got no music, no rivalry, he has nothing left.”

Nota Baloyi believes that the conflict was what the game required, but that eventually, they had to put their differences aside and collaborate on some music. Sadly, this did not happen because AKA met his demise.

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He also said that the rivalry was taking oxygen from South Africa’s Hop Hip future.

AKA and Cassper: The beef was exaggerated

According to reports, Cassper told the Forbes family that his dispute with AKA had been blown out of proportion.

This may be true because he urged his supporters to send love to the Megacy after news of his passing broke.

Did Cass and Costa Titch have beef too?

Through their stage performances, Cassper Nyovest and Costa Titch once had an incredible relationship.

However, a short-lived dispute between them soured their relationship. Since Costa was one of Nyovest’s dancers many years ago, the two rappers had a professional connection. But, when Constantino transitioned from being a dancer to a singer, their relationship came to an end.

Many people are unaware of the circumstances behind their connection, but it is obvious that they were not close friends or on speaking terms.

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After transitioning to the Amapiano genre in 2021, Nyovest was all about preserving South African hip-hop, but Titch subtly poked fun at him in a tweet that read:

“SA Hip Hop is uniting right now. If you jumped ship, stay there and let us fix what you broke.”

In reaction, Cassper made fun of Costa by posting a video of him playing an Amapiano song. He claimed to be protecting SA Hip Hop Mos. Here, in Cape Town, I find him playing a brand-new piano song.

People advised Costa to avoid inheriting beef because they knew that he was close with Casspers’ beef partner, AKA. After Nyovest pardoned Titch, the beef was ultimately resolved quickly.

The two musicians put an end to the conversation and turned to work on their own individual professions.

The death of Costa Titch brought up the feud, but Cassper Nyovest responded the same way he did following the passing of AKA by expressing sympathy and empathy.