Nota Berita

Nota and Berita have split.
Image via Twitter

Nota branded ‘bitter’ for telling Berita to return designer bag gifts

‘He’ll demand a G-string next’: Tweeps are dragging Nota Baloyi after he demanded estranged wife Berita return a designer handbag gift.

Nota Berita

Nota and Berita have split.
Image via Twitter

Despite being a self-proclaimed millionaire, Nota Baloyi has publicly ordered his estranged wife Berita to return a number of designer handbags he gifted her.

The rapper and music commentator took to his social media to bash his singer-ex in a viral that has gone viral.

This follows news that Nota has been ordered to pay DJ Shimza R200 000 stemming from a defamation lawsuit.


Taking to his Instagram Live, Nota called on Berita to return several Michael Kors handbags he bought her. He also demanded she uses the money from the gifts to pay off insurance excess relating to a car crash.

He said in a clip posted on Twitter: “Return that Michael Kors bag, take that money because you need to pay the R14 500 excess that you have to pay to repair….You crashed my [Mercedes] Viano into my C-Class, it’s still damaged…

He continued: “Return that Michael Kors bags, I’ve already bought you enough. You can’t leave problems in your household, and you’re running away to Europe”.

Nota then went on to lament that Berita – real name Gugulethu Khumalo – was not born in South Africa.

He added: “Gugulethu, you’re not Berita. Stop pretending to be this Xhosa girl. I told you this pretence must stop. You are not Xhosa, you’re a Ndebele girl from Bulawayo”.


Like many of his previous social media rants, tweeps were not impressed with Nota publicly bashing Berita.

Here’s what they had to say:

@rih_miraj: “I can’t believe this guy is whining over a MK bag. I’m embarrassed on his behalf”

@Riamojaji: “If bitter was a person”.

@SithaleKgaogelo: “We must brace ourselves for Nota’s rants about Berita. That’s how breakup heartbreak hits a narcissist. First, it’s denial, where he thinks she’s just angry she’ll come back. Then comes a time when reality kicks in, that’s where the labeling and shaming starts”

@Sphoki_Mbambani: “Next thing he’ll be demanding a G-string and a bra that he bought her”

@Henryhofmeyer: “Shame Shimmy did a number on him. You know when you’re broke you start remembering debts from ages ago”