Trevor Noah drags US President Joe Biden. Image via Twitter: @Trevornoah

Not as cool as you thought? Trevor Noah pokes fun at Spotify’s Wrapped

‘We all think we are a lot cooler than we are,’ says Trevor Noah who recently poked fun at Spotify’s Wrapped campaign.


Trevor Noah drags US President Joe Biden. Image via Twitter: @Trevornoah

Spotify just launched its Wrapped campaign and already South African-born US-based comedian Trevor Noah is poking fun at it. The campaign basically wraps up the music people listened to throughout the year to “remind them of their favourite moments.”

According to Noah however, it is just a reminder of how boring they actually are.

Trevor says Spotify’s Wrapped just reminds people how uncool they are

Just when everyone was about to get excited about what their Spotify wrap-up would be, Trevor Noah decides to pop their bubbles. The comedian recently joked about the campaign Wrapped which gives people a roundup of what they’ve been listening to for the year.

According to him, the campaign is basically just a reminder for people to realise how shamefully uncool they actually are in real life. Also according to him, people tend to believe they are much cooler than they actually are.

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“Were you disappointed when you saw what your wrap-up was? Because everyone thinks they are a lot cooler than they are.

“We should have wrap-ups of our lives as people. Like a wrap-up of everything [and] everyone you’ve hung out with, just to realise what a loser you actually were, because we all think we are a lot cooler than we are,” said The Daily Show host.

Surprisingly, people actually agree:

Many people headed to the comment section where they agreed that their wrap-up wasn’t what they expected it to be. A lot of parents also complained that their children’s favourite songs were also in the mix of their good music.

@HardCoreNerd01 said:

“I was so disappointed with my Spotify year wrapped up. I’m not going back to that ish”

@Falkorswind said:

“Mine was full of music my kids insisted on hearing. Spotify needs an algorithm that can realize I don’t really prefer Roblox music for six hours straight.”

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