Nomzamo Mbatha on ‘Coming 2 Am

Image: YouTube/TheDailyShow

Nomzamo Mbatha on ‘Coming 2 America’ and adjusting to life in the US

Watch as Nomzamo Mbatha and Trevor Noah talk about her experience of getting her 01 Visa and filming ‘Coming 2 America’.

Nomzamo Mbatha on ‘Coming 2 Am

Image: YouTube/TheDailyShow

IsiBaya actress Nomzamo Mbatha tipped to be the film industry’s ‘next big thing’, recently sat down with SA-born comedian and The Daily Show host, Trevor Noah to talk about her gig in Coming 2 America and adjusting to life in the United States.

About Nomzamo Mbatha

It is said that from relocating to the US, being cast on Coming 2 America, signing under international management label CAA (the Creative Arts Agency), co-hosting the BET Awards, delivering a speech at the 75th UN General Assembly and joining the Cotton On Foundation as an ambassador, this Durban-born beauty totally owned 2020. She also happened to grace the cover of almost every South African women’s magazine in 2020.

Nomzamo’s success story

Now, in a high-profile interview, Trevor said he is happy to celebrate Nomzamo’s success as a fellow South African and also playing in the ‘most successful film’ so far this year. In Coming 2 America, Nomzamo plays a young royal barber in the court of the fictional African kingdom of Zamunda.

“It is crazy, I mean honestly it has been an out of body experience for the longest time.”

She says Trevor might be able to know how to deal with this ‘Hollywood’ thing better. She goes on to explain how she had to change her flight at the last minute to actually be in the room for the Coming 2 America audition.

“I was like, I really, genuinely deserve this movie, cause I’ve worked hard for it,” she laughs. after detailing the issue of getting the correct Visa for working in the US.

What’s more, Nomzamo hopes to continue the work that she does and make more films – even in the producer’s chair.

She also tries not to eat as much while in America.

“I love chicken sandwiches, I didn’t think I’d love chicken sandwiches, but I enjoy chicken sandwiches.”

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