Nomcebo Zikode Image via Twitter @Nomcebozikode

Nomcebo clears air on ‘problems’ with Master KG after ‘Jerusalema’ saga

Nomcebo Zikode made it clear that she does not have any problems with Master KG after the vocalist claimed she had not been paid for her contribution to the hit song ‘Jerusalema.’


Nomcebo Zikode Image via Twitter @Nomcebozikode

Master KG and Nomcebo Zikode’s lives changed forever after the release of their hit single Jerusalema. Unfortunately for them, the joy turned sour when Nomcebo claimed that she had not received “a cent” for the song. Master KG clapped back saying the vocalist was asking for more than what they agreed on. 

In a Facebook comment to a fan, Nomcebo made it clear that she doesn’t have any problems with her collaborator and noted that she has been trying to reach the record label.

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In July, Nomcebo took to Twitter to claim that she had not received any royalties from Jerusalema despite its success around the world.

Master KG chipped in and said the agreement between him and Nomcebo was that they go 50/50 but he claims the vocalist wanted 70% while he receives 30%. “I’m tired of being hated for lies,” wrote Master KG. 

He also claimed that the vocalist received R1.5 million for Jerusalema and he hasn’t been paid for his contribution to her song Xola Moya Wami

A portion of a statement from Open Mic Productions read:”We can confirm that during the creation of the song Master KG (the main artist) and Nomcebo Zikode (the featured artist) agreed on sharing 50/50 of Master KG’s earnings. The featured artists’ agreement, which reflected an equal split between the two artists, was drafted last year November for both parties to sign.”  


Responding to a comment left on one of her Facebook posts, Nomcebo made it clear that she does not have any problems with Master KG noting that she has tried to get ahold of her previous record label, Open Mic Productions about the matter.

“I need my money from the company, not him, as I’ve been trying to talk to the company many times with no luck and they’ve been saying the song didn’t make any money so there’s no money, I then decided to get a lawyer to help me.”

“I don’t know till today why he decided to respond before the company responds… as he was not my boss/owner of the company but my colleague.”

Image via Facebook: Nomcebo Zikode


Nomcebo has been living it up in Europe and has been sharing some of her tour highlights on her Instagram page. The vocalist has travelled to Spain, Switzerland and is now headed to the United States. 

She shared that she sold out a concert in Martigny, Switzerland and said she was delighted to see all her fans.