Lebo Mashile

Images via Lebo Mashile website

‘No vax, no sex’: Lebo Mashile finds a way to get men vaccinated

South African poet and activist Lebo Mashile has advised ladies to ‘withhold the pum pum’ from their partners who refuse to get vaccinated…

Lebo Mashile

Images via Lebo Mashile website

South African activist and poet Lebo Mashile has shared some interesting thoughts on the male vaccination problem that the country is currently faced with. The Gauteng government earlier revealed that many South African men were not getting vaccinated and needed to do so immediately. And now Lebo has found a simple solution.

Lebo Mashile shares her thoughts on men not wanting the vaccination

Activist and poet Lebo Mashile is one of the many South Africans who have voiced their concerns over the fact that fewer men in the country are getting the COVID-19 vaccination. Taking to Twitter on 15 August, the poet shared a simple solution to try and get more local men to take the jab.

It all started when radio host Pabi Moloi asked the men who listen to her show on Power FM, why they were so reluctant to get pricked.

Responding to Pabi’s question about how to get more men at vaccination sites, Lebo said that women have the power to get their partners vaccinated and it all lies in their pants. In her tweet, Lebo suggests that women use sex as a bargaining tool with their partners. In essence, they should withhold intimate relations until their partners get the vaccination.

“For years HIV stats in SA for men have largely been based on women, especially pregnant women, testing. Men with women are healthier and live longer.”

She then went on to encourage women to “withhold the pum pum” until men make the decision to get vaccinated against the deadly virus.

“For our own sake, women need to normalise making ‘pum pum’ access conditional on getting a vaccine and general Covid-19 regulation adherence,” said Lebo.

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A hilarious but serious hashtag is born

After spotting Lebo’s tweets about men and the vaccine, Pabi cleverly came up with the hashtag, #NoVaxNoSex. This sparked more conversations on the timeline about the need for a “vaccine passport.” This would be used to make sure that all sexual partners are vaccinated before hopping into bed together.

“Vaccine passports should be a part of everyday life. Take it with you when you go out and know that you’re open to hooking up with someone. The same way you make sure you have condoms,” said Lebo.

Locals have their say

Of course, Mzansi was not going to let this conversation slide without sharing their thoughts. While some thought withholding sex was a good idea, others did not agree at all.


“You’d think they put their health up there with everything else but nope. It’s so mind-boggling that one ke”

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